Async Compute / Reduced Buffering

Should these settings be on / off?

I’ve seen posts in the past about Async Compute making the game run with lower FPS (5-10%), but more stable GPU frame times (10%+).

I have not, however, seen anything on Reduced Buffering. What’s the benefit of this option?

  • Better frame times?
  • More fluid gaming?
  • More stable gameplay?

I play at 140FPS for best silky smooth experience I can manage, would changing my game to 120Hz, Reduced Buffering feel smoother if I constantly get over 120FPS?

I think Async compute should be on for modern systems to make the gpu run more efficient. I turned reduced buffering off, because it says it should be on your system is capable of substantially higher frames than the screen is rated for and mine never got higher than 140 fps anyway.

If you don’t have an issue with getting over 60 frames a second, then definitely turn vsync on and reduce buffering off… It makes the game so much smoother and because of that benefit, increases the graphics… I don’t mean it improves the hardware in anyway, but because it’s running smoother, it makes the game look way better…

it’s honestly not clear anymore. Async Compute is supposed to help performance but soon after launch it was found to be an issue on some builds.

Now? I have no idea and I wouldn’t be surprised if this changes from one update to the next.

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