Asylum small room rings make shocks disappear

Anyone else noticed this? In two different games I would throw a shock into the back of the room, and it would just disappear: no detonation, so shock field…

It was in both rooms (1 each) in both cases I threw it in from the bottom of the stairs leading up to snipe. In both cases I threw it long, so it bounced off the back wall. In both cases, it just disappeared…

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I wunna say I think I noticed this one time. Of course there is a high degree of certainty that I was half in the bag and am only remembering this from a dream. However I am going to experiment with this tonight when I get home cause I know I have thrown grenades and never saw them go off in different maps. You say you were at the bottom of stairs, did you throw straight in toward the other entrance or more toward the corner on the left/right side of room opposite the door?

Happened in 4 too. With all grenades as well.

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You have it happen with regular nades not going off?

It has happened before to me but I can’t tell you how many times. This was also a while ago when I used to play 4. Didn’t happen a ton of times but it would happen. In 5, the only this happens to me is if there is lag.

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On an unrealted but similar note it seems that when you fire a dropshot, and then get killed while the drop round is in midair, it also just disappears - it doesn’t drop and detonate…