Asylum not on rotation?

Need the map for daily stars. Since two days not one match found on it.

Has it been removed from rotation?

It’s definitely still on rotation, however for me at least, Asylum always seems to hardly ever appear at all.

Jep. Also noticed that’s it’s significantly rarer in rotation compared to training grounds etc.

Weird though… the last days not one single match on it.


I do remember Asylum on Co-op vs AI. But yeah, it’s one of rare ones. It seemed more common in Horde and Ranked though.

My last 5 matches have all been on District, I saw Asylum during the map vote in 1/5 games

What mode? Today again 3h play. Not once. Not even on the poll. So stupid to have that in daily stars…

Ranked KOTH, I never usually see Asylum in quickplay and most people tend not to vote for it for some reason

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I needed asylum too today. Took many goes on coop for it to appear in a vote.

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Had this problem yesterday and every time I joined a match it was always Vasgar regardless of the mode. A little frustrating and felt like the game was trolling me

I have been stuck with that challenge like for 3 days now.

@BuddiesBusch is right. You have to play ranked KOTH. Got in literally the first match I went there.

At this rate the only way we will get asylum is to be commited to one.

I needed Training Grounds, and it took them five hours to show up. This was despite it showing up, and having 2/3 votes to 0 over other maps for a couple of times. Even with the votes, the game loaded other maps, including Asylum! :slightly_frowning_face:

Yeah well, I don’t know if it is a bug, but today I got two
Win on asylum challenges…on double star day.

Even if you be able to get the map
You still need the lucky enough to get a good team and win.

Totally crap