Asylum ghost (Easter egg)?

Anybody noticed the ghost/figure that randomly appears behind the upper windows on Asylum? (Don’t know how to post thumbnails unfortunately…)

Ghost 1
Ghost 1 Slow motion
Ghost 2
Ghost 2 Slow motion
Ghost 3
Ghost 3 Slow motion

Asylum%20Ghost%20Lancer Asylum%20Ghost%20Head Asylum%20Ghost%20Body

Looks like it’s holding a Lancer on the left side, where you can pretty much see his whole body. Sometimes it moves from right to left, and other times it’s the other way around…

When it appears on the lowest set of windows on the right side, it almost looks like a entire other figure. (You can only see it’s head there)

Shooting it doesn’t seem to do much…

Any help/tips would be appreciated!


That’s just a player stuck inside the map due to high ping.


Crabwalking behind the windows… :joy:


C-19 has officially hit Gears. Thats definitley a soldier under quarantine.


Those videos are interesting. It’s definitely a dude and/or a guy. of some sort.

Awesome! …Great find!

I wasn’t the one who discovered it unfortunately…

Heard it from someone :wink:

But I’m definitely curious if theirs more to it. Shot the bells already etc. But can’t seem to find anything it reacts to…

It’s this guy


Ever considered this isn’t a ghost but a COG person overseeing the deconstruction of the asylum, given what the map description says? Or it’s an Outsider scavenging for materials or some sort of supplies.

Either way I doubt it is a “ghost”.

That’s just @GhostofDelta2 losin his damn mind over these threads the past few hours


I was going to make a similar joke that he shouldn’t shoot at me :stuck_out_tongue:

(I also only woke up 20 minutes ago)


Added some quick slow motion edits.

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Judging by @GhostofDelta2’s new user icon, the quarantine finally got to him.


Cool find! Love it

Yeah I think so. I had asked @GhostofDelta2 about his other selfie picture earlier today and he said he was delighted to change it to this terrible and questionable selfie. Quarantine really does mess with ones mind. Mind you, this was only after 2 hours from what he told me.

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Very nice find!

I have to say though, the way those shadows are moving reminds me of this!

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Great find to whoever found it.

thats so freaking spooky…its freaking me out…