Assist Me Enlightened Bruthers (Xfridge > PC Master Race)

I know I own Rainbow Six and Fallout 4 on Steam, along with MC and Xbox Game Pass PC (With GPUL)…

But the only systems I have is a 4-year old Chromebook (laptop) that has trouble running anything more than YT, and an old tower given to me by family that has issues.

I know I’ve seen high-brow PC talk an the forums before, but have never understood it. If any of you PC bros know anything as far as getting started, or where to start, I’d love the help!

For simplicity’s sake I’ll leave with a couple simple questions;

  1. Is there any brands that are better or worse than others?
  2. Is it easier/cheaper to build a powerful PC or simply buy one?
  3. I’ve heard that the $100 shiny Razer MaK’s aren’t worth it, is this true? Or can I just use my USB Logitech MaK for the same use and not notice a difference?
  4. Any specialized software that’ll effect the PC’s performance to know of? Or any tips, such as health and whatnot, for instance I restart my phone’s systems at least once a week, and it does much better than other devices I know of that aren’t treated the same.

If anyone knows anything that’ll help, I’d greatly appreciate it, thank you?


As a former PC gamer, here’s some enlightenment: give up. It’s not worth the trouble.

If you’ remain undaunted, then give this article a read. It might be for laughs, but it was most helpful when I was starting out.

EDIT: It’s from 2011, but certain points still hold.

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I will take this into consideration.

I always stuck with console because of the simplicity, seeing how complicated PC gaming can get. My main focus was on a few games that I know either run better on PC (more features, mods, etc) or games that I was hoping to play but haven’t (or ever will) see a Console port anytime soon.

There’s a number reasons why I’ve begun to turn away from PC, but the simplest answer is that it’s just become a pain in the rear to maintain. But don’t let me stop you.

As far as buying/building goes, it tends to vary from time to time. Sometimes one or the other is cheaper though I don’t know what the market looks like right now. But buying is definitely easier, especially if you’re just starting off as it allows you to learn without being overwhelmed with figuring out what components work together.

Also, you have no business not having a Solid State Drive nowadays. Their prices have plummeted since the last time I upgraded my storage, as even the 1 TB models cost as much the older hard-drives when I got started. Of all of the components you’ll need, SSDs are definitely worth it.

I know I have a 4tb SSD for my console, a uncle of mine is very computer-savvy so he was telling me about that–just didn’t know anything as far as specs and whatnot needed for a gaming-centric rig.

But thank you for the information, it will help me trying to scout the interwebs and figure out this whole Myspace thing to better my gaming experience.

You can probably get better information elsewhere if you were aiming for top of the line hardware. But if you’re like me and just want “good enough,” (and probably a something that’s at least a little bit better than console) then here’s a few things that I’ve learned:

-When looking at cases, get a full tower. Anything less will be too small.
-Sound cards are a waste of money.
-Water-cooling for your CPU is also a waste of money.
-Optical drives have their uses, but don’t get one unless you actually need it.
-The motherboard will likely be the last thing you’ll ever need to replace, so make it last.
-I’ve never used the Windows 10 platform for buying/playing games, but I’ve heard too many bad things about it. If possible, stick with Steam.
-When using mods with games from Steam, I’ve been advised to place my steam folders away from Program Files.
-There’s a lot of free programs for maintaining your computer. The average person might want to consider purchasing antivirus software, but if you trust yourself enough, use freeware instead.
-There’s plenty of places to buy game keys cheaper than from a regular retailer. CDkeys com is usually pretty good, but be wary of others. Sites like G2A have a bad reputation for having fraudulent keys posted by sellers; which can cause problems for everyone involved.

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