Assigning separate weapon skins for COG & Swarm

Does anyone know if we will eventually be able to assign different weapon skins for COG and Swarm instead of a uuniversal choice?

I kinda miss being able to do that from 4.


I imagine it’s on the list…

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So it was in the previous game, n maybe will be added in to say, “o look we are fixing it, improving it, n we care n listen.”
Despite it prob should have been there at f-in launch.

Is every companies moto for the next game “don’t add, just subtract”

It will be added in after post. Seems manipulative to me.


2500 iron, you can buy it.


Of course , like in 3 or 4 updates
When TC reach 75% of game development


That’s cheap man. Theres people that would probably pay more

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Octus answered that one on the first or second dev stream. He said that it was not on their plans to create a customization menu like Gears 4.

Lets hope they change their mind in the near as in very near right now future.

Gears 4 did many things right, the customization menu was one of them.


I dont get this. Why take a step back?


TC had several “brilliant” ideas that turned Gears into the joke it now is.

I’m thinking they played it safe on G4 and copied many things from previous games and on G5 they decided to innovate. I can only hope they’re aware of the many mistakes they made and are actively working to fix them.

At least we know they’re listening to us on some level. The problem is the damage they already did. I know coding is hard but they need to start tunning and fixing a little faster before too many people walk away

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Am I the only one who would want separate weapon customization for every character? Not all weapon skins goes well with all character skins.


We play the early access you don’t know ?!

I have been calling for this for years, as many of us have. At the very least give us the choice we had in 4 with Cog,Locust,Horde. :+1:


But which features should they remove for this to keep their “one step forward, two steps backwards” tradition?:sweat_smile:

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Seems live the dev’s were definently rushed and took shortcuts this game.

Perhaps the weapon skins are shared to please all you gears ¨vets¨ out there I mean this is how its been since the other games before 4

Jokes aside this is a step back from 4s customization but I can deal with it for now just find a set that matches both sides but heres hoping for a menu like 4 possibly

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The stupid thing is we can assign flags individually, in fact | think we can with executions, emotes, sprays ??



I don’t get how they deliberately chose to take a step back. Now I gotta base my skins on one character, and throw the other one under the bus.

I would have expected this to be a natural upgrade.