Assault rifle damage perk = lancer gl damage up?

I want to know if this perk increase lancer gl damage (not bullet, “grenade”)


As far as I know it does unless TC changed the effect of the perk in the recent update. I haven’t played JD since the new update so I can’t be sure.

Assault Rifle damage perk only boosts ballistic bullets damage from Assault rifles, not the grenade shell itself. Damage boost applies to Lancer, Retro, Lancer GL. I think it also boosts Enforcer and Hammerburst but I’m not 100 percent sure.

yes it still does increase the Grenade-damage aswell

Is this still the case with GL rockets? That it does apply?

Following the standard TC logic:

Demo: actives make the GL rockets more powerful. AR perk not NOT

Tactician: actives do NOT make the GL rickets more powerful, AR perk DOES


Veteran: i believe both actives and AR perks do make the GL more powerful, but that i havent actually tested, unlike the demo and tactician.

TC consistency at work, lol…

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