Aspho Fields/ Pendulum Wars DLC?

Would anyone like to see either or both to be a DLC in Gears 6? And maybe have more multiplayer revolve around the characters/ era?
Similar to how there’s variations for a lot of characters regarding the Hivebusters.

Maybe playing through what got Marcus incarcerated, seeing Carlos Santiago and how he was with Marcus, etc.

I would assume this would also bring back players who have dropped the game.

Interested in others opinions.


I would love that but I think TC has enough on their plate with current Gears.

There is so much more they could expand on with this

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Yeah, I’d even pay for the DLC tbh


DLC ? Nah. Gears should go forward with the swarm and their new queen or expand on the hivebusters, not go back in time
A spin off ala Gears Tactics. oh yeah(Even if it’s a shooter).

I think as far as campaign goes, time has proven that that Gears1-3 & Judgment have done a lot better than Gears 4 & 5

Raams Shadow was clearly a lot better than Hivebusters- don’t think the hivebuster characters are as liked as Barrick, Jace, Valera, Minh, Tai, Carmines, etc.

I’d certainly welcome it since it’s an area of the lore that’s mostly unexplored.

However personally I’d rather see a DLC focusing on the Locust during the Lambent War. Playing as RAAM for example as he battles the Lambent alongside Skorge and Karn to save his home, as well as having major disagreements with the current General, Sraak, and trying to gain the trust of the Queen. Basically the Rise of RAAM. It would be perfect.


That would be cool,

explore the hollow and them fighting the lambent, getting the cutscene when Myrrah makes the deal with Adam Fenix to find a cure and the start of E-Day

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What’s hard with Pendulum Wars era stuff is that I doubt Microsoft sees it as marketable.

Only Gearsheads who’ve delved into the lore and comics and novels care about what happened before E-Day. The majority of players likely sign up for chainsaws and underground alien things to chainsaw.

For that reason, I’m not sure we’ll ever see any story-focused game or DLC revolving around the COG versus UIR. What I think is more realistic is getting Carlos, Helena, etc. as multiplayer characters for a nod to that era. At least Gears 5 moved to a more Seran view than just a COG one, reintroducing the UIR as a current faction.


I’d be happy with this. I could wait a few more years to find out what happened to Reyna. People are saying move forward, forget the past. Honestly the past is much more interesting.

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I’m happy with this move also, the UIR has great potential, need some new characters on them as well

I’d be happy with never finding out :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not sure, I know on this forum rose colours and nostalgia play a big part.
I wouldn’t go from there to actual numbers /lore wise.

For me I don’t want to go back to the locust wars, that’s done I’d rather see stuff move on but that’s just me.

Of course I would find the Pendulum wars interesting, but as I said as an offshoot.


So long as the writing is superb then I have no problem with the Swarm, I don’t care much for the younger generation of characters. All boring personalities and just comedy relief.
The campaigns are just meh for me

The Reyna is basically a rework of the Locust army

I’m allowed to dream ok

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How about both? What about a Transformers WFC or RAAM’s Shadow styled campaign where you play as the COG or UIR and switch to the Locust every other chapter or so. Or each act, even.

Pendulum Wars are long af, so you’d probably just play through the key points in the war. You do the first Pendulum mission of whatever, then you’d switch to the first Locust mission, which would start off with their inception & them escaping Niles Lab. Then after that, you’d switch back to see what the COG were doing at that exact same point & so on and so forth.

The characters would probably switch around a bit, too. Maybe one act you’re playing as Marcus, Dom & Carlos then Sraak, Ukkon, Myrrah & Vrol then another it’s Hoffman & his squad, then The Bloodied Vanguard, etc.


I dont think many people would like a game without the MKII, its a staple and for it not be invented yet due to the lore would make some people upset. Im sure thats why Judgement broke that barrier with having us use the MKII, or the probable cause being that they forgot that the lancer wasnt created yet.

I think a dlc would be better if we really wanted a Pendulum Wars storyline, that way we can see “The Marcus Fenix, the one who fought at Aspho Fields”
I made a comment a while back about us playing as Paduk during Karns invasion of Gorasynia and I think an issue we would run into as well would be a lack of weaponry and TC would need to create some new weapons just so we arent using only Markzas.
Paduk deserves some spotlight and it would kill multiple birds with one stone, 1. The Locust back in all their glory 2. More Karn, I mean he was whatever in Judgement, he looks cool but I lack fear in him like I do with Skorge and RAAM. 3. Chaduk, It would be sad and cool to see him fight an unwinnable battle against Karn and lose his home, and make Judgement a bit more meaningful (On Paduks part) 4. Lore… duh

for the locust wars I wouldnt want them to go back to Marcus and Dom, I would want other side characters expanded on, however for the Pendulum Wars I would with open arms accept Marcus and Dom back.

Be very cool that and something completely different

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