Ask confirmation to exit a lobby

It would be great if you implement some kind of confirmation when leaving a versus game. Since you use the same button to go back I’ve often left a game by accident. Over time I’ve got used to it, but today I was trying to back from the vote screen which closed by itself a split second before y pushed the B button, thus leaving the game involuntarily.

Just ask for confirmation, or switch the button you use to exit the lobby. It would be great.


The number of times I’ve closed the whole game down with esc is ridiculous lol… Yeah it needs better implementation. Also whats with the map voting system on pc, after a match has finished you have like 2 seconds before the option to vote just disappears… Not sure if this is the same on console but it’s so irritating


I KNOW RIGHT! I said the same exact thing. You keep wanting to get past all the stupid stuff before catching your self and exit the lobby

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It’s crazy that the quickmatch voting is hidden behind a button press (X on console) that gives you less than 5s.
How about 17s?
Or just having this voting screen render immediately?

Even now knowing this is how the system works, my votes hardly register…

Any chance tc can change this as QoL improvement during this stabilization period?

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