"Ashes to Ashes" Completed 8/8 but 5000 gold was not added to my account!

I did look for this topic, but nothing matched, so…

I just got the “ASHES TO ASHES” MEDAL requirements done earlier tonight after winning my 80th match. When the match ended, it added the six stars to my count from the 80 Match wins medal (“Victorious”), which then unlocked 100 Iron and Major IV rank. But it also completed the entire medal, making it 8/8, which is supposed to give me 5000 bonus gold.

IT DID NOT GIVE ME THE GOLD. I checked at the main menu, and the 5000 gold was not added to my total I had already. I even went back out and back into the game and the gold is still not added. And I worked for the 5000 gold this past week let me tell you LOL

So I completed the medal path 8/8, but I did not get the Gold for it. Has anyone else had this problem?

I have unlocked ranks and completed a medal at the same time before, and this has never happened to me. The only time I lost gold was with the V-Day Sam Skin, which they unlocked for me the next day, so it was fixed in short order.

Thank you!

That’s the one with the medal “Dust to Dust” in it right? Does it show that you have 20/1? That’s when you actually unlock the medal and the stars are being awarded. The tracker is bugged and the medal shows as completed already even if you only completed it once. You need to do it 20 times.

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SHOOT, REALLY MAN? Because you nailed it apparently.

I noticed that “2/1” and thought that looked funny, but it completed and did not think anything about that.

So “Survive 20 Waves of Horde, Frenzy, or Escape on Inconceivable Difficulty or higher” is 20 times rather than 1 then? THAT IS FOUR HUNDRED WAVES. And since it is bugged, no way to count that other than manually then, right? Just play and hope the number turns to 3/1, etc until it hits 20/1 and truly unlocks?

Great, I hustled hard for those 80 wins in versus/Control for naught then because I thought I could get it done early and it’s bugged… #OhGears5

Thanks for the quick reply; I do appreciate it.

Yea you have to do either task to have it add +1 to the tracker (my runs were all on Master but pretty sure Inconceivable counts too):

  • Finish a Horde match on Inconceivable or above
  • Finish a Horde Frenzy match on Inconceivable or above (unconfirmed, haven’t played Frenzy for a while)
  • Finish an Escape match on Inconceivable or above

You’ll see it unlock again (bottom right of the screen when the match is finished) once the counter reaches 20. The tracker will then also stop counting any further.

That’s good to know lol I noticed it was done and said 2/1 after I mastered my 1st hive lol makes sense now haha.

Completing 20 waves will not put the counter to 20 though, it will increment it only by 1. And afaik on a failed 50 waves Horde (we failed on 4X somewhere once), the counter didn’t increase either.

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Ok, I see what you mean now. I had mine pop at the end of a Frenzy and presumed it worked like it should, I must’ve been on 19/20 before the match.