As someone who has experienced this game on console and PC

I am beginning to experience why console players can become frustrated, even if that frustration becomes unhinged and is released as a personal attack.

I bought this game launch day and played it on console for months until I was finally able to buy a GTX 1080 for my rig. When I switched to PC, the game looked great and felt better to play, for the most part. Sponging and questionable shot registration was still a thing but it didn’t happen nearly as often as it did when I was playing on console.

Sunday I downloaded the game and switched back to console for the first time in probably seven or eight months for reasons undisclosed. I have to say, after only playing about fifteen or so games, I can see why console players can be disgruntled about crossplay.

I’m all for an even playing field, but it is quite obvious that playing this game on console is not the definitive experience. With an extremely low ping of ~5-14, I’m able to play a lot more aggressively than I can on console where my ping is higher but consistently floating in the mid to low 30’s.

Playing against other console players at this ping level makes kill trades a common occurrence. More common than they need to be. I’m certain it’s because of the allotted time window for a trade to occur, which I still think is very high, if it needs to exist at all. This simply does not happen as often on PC. Against PC players, I’m lucky to see my shot fire off on screen before it simply doesn’t register and the PC opponent runs off unscathed.

I don’t know where the discrepancy is, but I know that I cannot continue to play this game on console with such a mediocre network infrastructure.

What’s worse, my game crashes more often than it used to on PC, when it really shouldn’t crash at all. It crashes my computer so hard that the only way to bring myself back online is to force shutdown my PC using the power button and turning it back on. It doesn’t take a computer engineer to figure out that this is not good for the PC in the long run. Not to boast, but I have a pretty robust setup, and I refuse to let the issues of one rather unsatisfying game and the experience it brings be the cause of an eventual system wipe, or worse.

I implore the powers that be at The Coalition to please make Gears 5 a much more stable and consistent experience across both platforms.

@TC_Octus @anon86589457

Feel free to discuss and comment. I really needed to get this off my chest.


This game is great on Xbox but amazing on PC :heart_eyes:


Are you on your Xbox’s WiFi or something? My ping is the same via ethernet to both.

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I’m on WiFi on both my Xbox and PC.

Ok well the WiFi card on your PC is just better than the one on the Xbox. There are solutions for that. Has nothing to do with Gears

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Thanks for deliberately dismissing my entire post.

That’s quite obvious. That doesn’t make it any more fair for people who can’t afford better connections.



That heavily implies that everyone is able to use an ethernet cable.

Mine wasn’t, both were wired :smiley: Always got a lower latency playing on PC. Of course, could contribute this to the Xbox being old but yeah not gonna buy a new one any time soon just to check it out :smiley:
Regardless, it does play better on PC.

I find no real difference with trades on PC or on xbox.

I find that core is the issue - a lot more trades happen here than Comp.

Also, even one high ping player increases the chances of kill trades so your higher ping on Xbox is the likely cause.

I regularly play private lobbies with 10 players all at 10-25ms ping and with the new Comp mode - maybe one trade after 20-30 kills.

It’s clean and sharp.

This game can’t handle high pingers - it makes it very inconsistent and I find excessive trades & sponging stem from this as well as unpredictable Gnasher Damage - both dealing shots and taking shots.


They haven’t decreased the trade window in Core as they have on Comp. Yet.

Your only complaint of crossplay was the connection difference lol

What does this have to do with PC versus Xbox? The same logic applies to buying an ethernet cord for Xbox vs using the WiFi, and for buying a better internet package, and for living closer to data centers.

I really just don’t understand the point against crossplay when it comes to ping lol. You’re basically saying it’s pay to win for ping, which is true even without crossplay.


I also play on both. It definitely looks and plays better on PC but it hasn’t affected my performance. Actually I switched to console recently to play with my brother and I’ve been getting some higher scores the last couple days. IDK, don’t think it’s something that needs to be looked at at least.

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Really? I haven’t noticed. /sarcasm

I can’t give much credence to any of that after reading that you’re in wifi.


What? PC gears plays better than console? You don’t say!

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No, I’m not.

All of that is under the assumption that all players are able to afford better internet, or at least, are able to connect via Ethernet.

You’re completely dismissing the fact that it isn’t always the case. My complaint isn’t simply the ping difference. That’s the core of the issue. The main issue is how it forces people to play.

Please read farther in and with a more open mind. Your ignorance is daunting.

Just a pointless observation really when it comes to this discussion at large, but living closer to a data center doesn’t necessarily give you a lower ping. All things being equal, yes, but it depends on the network chain getting there

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Probably the most ignorant comment I’ll get in this thread.

You guys need to get over the notion that WiFi immediately dismisses any issues with connectivity.

I also see that people are extremely ignorant of how networks work.

Console has triple buffering, PC does not. I’ve heard it argued many times that this gives PC a several millisecond advantage.

Then of course there are other advantages like FPS, mouse aiming, the ability to turn your character on a dime mid roll (no way you can do this on Xbox), increased field of view option, etc.

It’s obvious to me that all things being equal, PC gives the clear advantage. This doesn’t mean all PC players beast through all Xbox players. It still takes skill

But as I said, all things being equal, PC wins.