As of October 31, 2019, Gears 5 is Fun again! Or so I think

Let me Briefly explain why it wasn’t fun, for the Majority of the time, creating an average ‘deemed’ ‘not fun’.
Gears 5 use to feel pointless because of no feeling of skill; you’re left wondering what happened? How can you improve? where can you Improve? And did I win a fair fight. The lag causes you and your opponent to see different perspectives of what really happened. for most the time if not all the time it happens.
You can get shot at from your previous position with no lag involved… camera angle and gun not even facing where you are now… this is not a reaction shot. And apparently people are saying there’s less input lag on computer vs console… I have not played this on computer though, but go by what they are saying right now, and keep considering it as fact. Or so I think. (Edit: things are too Laggy for me and when it lags it really lags no little bit lag as far as I remember… edit: it works good now I think I just need to refresh my WiFi more so then before since I can’t have any lag in any degree at all now.)

Gears 5 released, on Sept, 10, 2019. With the update that went live on October. 31, You can now get cutches surrounded in the open and dodge for what’s an normal amount of time contrasting between previous gears installments… why? because this right here doesn’t seem to happen now:

So I guess aim adhesion’s previous setting’s caused it. Ping is better; you get more paired with closer ping’s, and lag is different in the sense that I had more situations where Their kill cam showed my Perspective as well. { Fixing more of this will be a good directional decision} and lag is experienced by the one lagging and happens less … before the average was 1 match good little or no lag then all bad till I got on again…[mostly my 1st match was the good one] much better now. Or so I think. (edit: because of lag In any degree bad I just have to refresh the modem more so then before. )
Lancer is perfect, and I can join Matches faster… Continue the good work, in fixing Gears 5’s issues [until there’s none] well done.

PS: If you have still seen this issue in the video persisting, then please post, and thanks in advance.
Also, just to Note: The Wall bouncing is different in Gears 5. Before you only had to Move your thumbstick for a duration, and location on your thumbstick, ‘deemed’ far from idle neutral placement, when your trying to reach a cover far away from you, and your angles.

However this time you need to go far with one direction on 1 thumbstick then you need to go fast for fast cancels and slow for slow cancels after these far to the side motions on either stick, mandatory unless your moving opposite direction w/opposite stick. These far to the side motions have to be performed once all the time now if you don’t want to lessen the transitional distance and if you don’t want to any transition to just cause a break/stop in transition, & thus have you have to have a different pattern needed or else you’ll roll. So if you’re gonna move stick far you better move it far to the opposite side, unless it’s the opposite stick which works too. THUS YOUR CANCELS WITH FAR MOTIONS ARE IDEAL with slight movements on good timing or only with all far. You might as well do It all the time unless for survival reasons or like to try something new… do both then.

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Yes,it is much better now. The lancer tuning is PERFECT and doesn’t need further adjusting. I can dodge bullets and gnasher shots just fine and get the drop on ppl without a problem. Lots of good stuff. Now all we need is a couple maps and some minor fixes. Maybe remove a couple strange delays here and there and we’re good.

Also they can now put the Hammerburst as a loadout weapon. K thanks.


Lancer is Perfect, with that in mind Now try reading My Thread with it’s newest update, thanks.

Lancer nerf was needed and it’s good has help improve the game but still doesn’t fix one of the core problems of the ranking system which is quitters afk players and unbalanced teams. Still a massive problem which makes versus on the ranked side enjoyable. It also sucks that morning q times are good awful long I know this isn’t tcs fault but not enough players which sucks because the game isn’t even 2 months old yet

I know they gonna do a rank reset next update, to help fix some of your concerns… once they fix all their priorities they pointed out… hopefully they take afk and quitters as another priority.

I’m hopeful about it

I played last might and enjoyed how the game is now. The lancer was well balanced and the gnasher battles felt fair even when I was bested!

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im about to write a thread solution right now about this… thanks for bringing it up.

For you maybe,
In eu its a ■■■■■■■ nightmare.

Yes, it is playable now. Still needs work but I will actually be playing it from now on.

So is bullet magnetism still a thing or naw’?

That thing that happened in the video doesn’t happen again. I found out yesterday that the bullets compared to how fast you swing your weapon around goes slower… I think this with aim adhesion’s then settings was causing this over the top what just happened no way situations in the video on here… I can tell you nothing has happened where I was left saying there it is again… when I know it would’ve happened before.
If you roll into someone in gears before your roll right into them and be blocked… now if you do that you have a split delay/time where you can be shot and killed before you just roll past them, with a split second grazed visibly seen in touching your opponent now… if you roll and dont touch them then you shouldnt have any thing questionable happen like in the video… its fixed as far as im concerned. With the mace Melee weapon… unless it was because we were close to a wall that the mace person was swinging down towards… you can still die just by standing to the side or right behind them when it hits the ground.

Unfortunately I just had that exact thing happen to me. I avoided the shot, still got downed. I guess bullet magnetism is still a thing, unfortunately.

I just had a weird thing happen with the embar will be posting on here soon. All vids. But haven’t happened with shot gun yet I thought so but all the vids I thought was I was like full red and needed 1 to 3 bullets to land and keep stopping the video from when they shot I could see that those shots would of landed.

I would show you the video, but it won’t let me post it here for some reason. The shot DEFINITELY shouldn’t have landed. To be honest, this Gears just doesn’t feel like Gears at all when I play it. Been playing it all day and it’s just not at all satisfying to play like Gears should be. I’m not sure if TC can fix that.

I also think it’s possible to curve the bullet a little in the beginning phrase due to shooting being slower then Gun movements, and aim adhesion settings… you can get some weird shots if blind fire then quickly aim (halo 3’s sniper for instance), I believe… will post it… have you tried YouTube, then here?

It’s laggy for me now, ever since Halloween the day after or the day after that or that… it’s been laggy as before for me they haven’t reached a milestone yet… I edited my thread title and stuff. Maybe soon they will they need something. Edit: it works now I guess because any lag makes a big lag I need to just refresh turn off and on WiFi to start ‘anew’ more so then before, works seems to make it 99.99% unlaggy as far as I can tell. Edit: I also can’t have a person on computer while I play… because computer is slow?