As of June 20th, 2022 are any of you experiencing connection problems on the US servers?

I’m curious if people are still afflicted by whatever the US servers are/were doing. I personally am getting permanent consistent packet loss throughout all day on all gamemodes. I seem to be only connecting to 2 US servers with either matchmaking preference on (faster matchmaking vs. better connection)

I have reached out to Microsoft, the Coalition, and xbox support in hope of even just getting a reply on it. I love the game and just want to be able to play it. It’s not perfect, but I do have fun playing it. Hopefully it’s just me, but somehow I doubt it.

If anyone has heard anything from them please let me know I can’t find anything recent on it.

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Yes, but my issues are considerably less severe than other users.

All servers other than my two closest, US East and US North Central, are laggier than they should be despite my relatively low ping. I don’t drop out or teleport around the map like other people, but there is definitely a lot more delay than the in-game ping would suggest, and my home connection is immaculate. Pure hardwired fibre to the home. I have 0% packet loss and sub 0.5ms jitter pinging to locations even > 1500km away.

I’m starting to think all the severs are screwed up, but the problems are much less severe for most people if the server is physically very close especially during non-peak hours.

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It’s an absolute nightmare scenario on US South Central — and I can’t escape US South Central despite my best efforts to. I’m still getting new packet loss glitches and I’ve played hundreds of matches on these packet loss servers.

It’s to the point where it’s genuinely harmful for the game — people who don’t understand packet loss and see themselves having like 20 ping might actually think this is how the game just plays.


I jumped into the game tonight after being away for a while and the first couple of games were quite good until I left so my friend could join and what do you know! packet loss symbol present. Played 2 games and called it quits, it’s not worth the trouble.

I know TC ended support for the game, but with the current state of the servers, one might think they’re actually trying to chase people away.

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Im an EU player and EU servers are fine.

Perhaps its payback for all the times we got screwed from esports skins.
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Haha that’s fair tbh. They did really screw over EU over the course of the game.
I haven’t heard anything and the servers have been like this for a while now so I fear all is lost in my pvp experience on Gears 5.

No news on new Gears and they won’t even give me a reply saying “we’re working on it/we’re trying to fix it”. If this is how they treat their exclusives, it sends a clear disappointing message to me, personally.

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Had it for long periods on multiple occasions all wiThin last 4 months or so

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I had the freezing glitch when i got my series x months ago. Power cycling the device every coupe of days seemed to fix it. Ive crashed 1 time in match in the last 2 years. Abd ive moved from Alabama to Idaho. Playing on different isp’s. I really wonder often how many of you guys that have trouble play over wifi. Im a telecom tech. Done it for 16 years. Your doing yourself a massive disservice playing over wifi. And i dont care if you never have problems on anything else etc etc. Or if it even has anything to do with this issue. Wifi and gaming. Not the best match. Run a cord. Buy a long ■■■ ethernet cord off amazon. Lay it out down the steps if you have to . Roll it up when your done.

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Online versus is no worse for me than it has been since the game launched. US Central server never connects me to anyone else in the US.

High inconsistent pings are just the norm.

Only difference is that i now see the packet loss symbol in my private versus games against bots.

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Eu West Server no problems, *auto_awesome, runs like at the beginning

Packet losses were at the beginning of the year and settled again in 3 weeks.

Gears 5 is going well but when will the announcement of a new Gears come?

I played yesterday at peak times on US Central South and the connection was fine for the entire time. This is literally the first time in nearly a month where this has happened, and leads me into a conspiracy theory that I’m going to post about if the coincidence keeps happening.

I am no longer seeing the packet loss symbol however my movement and shots are behaving as if there is still some sort of connection issue. I am no longer seeing tracers on the gnasher as if they possibly reverted the server to before the most recent update

I haven’t gotten a packet loss lobby in 2 days (this will be three), and the game is completely normal/fine.

So I have a fairly wild conspiracy theory about this, if I’m correct the packet loss is going to return in the next couples of days, last for like 3 days and then go away for the foreseeable future.

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Thinking that they add the PL so as to sour people from playing, on days with esports streams?

I think we all are. It seems TC has moved on already and we are stuck we the most terrible servers ever. They had always been kinna bad, but last few months they have been beyond terrible.

It wasn’t that — but my theory is most likely wrong. No packet loss today either.

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When knocking out dailies today, the bots were sponging a hell of a lot today, and I had no PL icon. I haven’t detected a pattern either.