As much as this game aggravates the

Crap out of me, i always sit down and load it up…gears 5 has the potential to be amazing if they can just clean up the edges here and there… Lag, foot stomp sounds, bans after server kick, etc… i will not buy day 1 like i always have but will be watching.

I wish the game wasn’t so frustrating…especially for dumb technical reasons


I LOVE this game but the lag is crushing my soul…
I had a match yesterday where the enemies would be about 15’ away and suddenly be teleported right in front of me the instant I died (meaning my connection was way behind theirs despite having the lowest ping in the lobby). The whole match I was delayed behind everyone and when I died they’d snap to a different location than they were a moment ago.

Then, next match I go 17-7 in a high-level TDM lobby, out-performing my Diamond 4 buddy. The 1st round was even. 2nd round we could not land shots on them. We’d sandwich them and nothing would count. 3rd round I could tell they were getting the lag because things they did didn’t make sense. They would shoot the wrong direction, move as if they didn’t see me standing right there, I went 10-0 that round alone.

It’s not that the connections are just bad, they’re entirely inconsistent, on West Coast servers at least.


Yeah its better be cautious than jumping on the bandwagon. I definitely feel TC leant a big lesson with 4 and wont make the same mistakes twice since the game will be a make it or break it moment for them.

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I think I figured out why sometimes you have really good ping and then other times you have like 80- 100… I think the game is putting you in farther and farther servers and the farther and farther server at push you in the worse your ping is

I think they degraded the server resources allocated to the game. I’m almost certain of it. In the really bad lobby yesterday, we all started below 100 ping. At one point, we were all ABOVE 100 ping and I was the lowest at 140 ping. Then, it went back down. That has to be the server because nothing else can alter everyone’s ping like that.

In the first round we dominated so much we were chainsawing to be silly. In fact we hadn’t lost a match all day. In the 2nd and 3rd that’s when they were teleporting and were always much closer than appeared on my screen. If I got in close for a wallbounce battle the game kept changing the direction of my character. I’d line up my shot only to be jolted slightly to the right or left.

When I’m delayed that far behind opponents, the game at that point reaches the oft overused “unplayable” status. Thankfully, not ever match is that bad. Too many of them are though.


I’m sure in a LAN environment this game plays like a dream. Unfortunately logistics gets the better of it.

TC put an unprecedented level of detail into this game too which I often don’t appreciate enough because I sit across the room from my TV and get so distracted by the connection issues plaguing it.

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Agreed sir!

The only lesson TC learned from this game is to ship Gears 5 with less content so they can give you the chance to purchase it via lootboxes.

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I bought season pass… Will NOT happen again unless i research it next time

How come you didnt research from the beginning? Surely people suppose to be cautious the moment when credits and Gear packs was announced :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing degraded with that “servers resources savings” is their profits from any of future titles. And I’m definitely certain of it.

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I, wrongly, assumed it would be like the last season pass… My fault, not ■■■■■■■■ about the content just starting that i won’t buy it again without knowing that it will be worth it. Why is that wrong?

Sorry I wasnt trying to be rude :stuck_out_tongue:

but even I was cautious buying it because I knew it was a new studio handling such a big IP. So kinda expected the season pass to be meh.