As host - when playing as solo do you like to start the game with four players or wait for full team?

I have seen many times before where the host will start the game on his own rather than waiting for four players or full team.

Just curious to know if others do the same.

As a solo player, I prefer to wait for full team as I will know their class experience etc.

Obviously, if you got your own team that’s not going to be a problem you can ultimately start the game with 5 players.


I wait for 5. If we are 4 and no one joins in 3-5 minutes, I ask in-game chat if they want to wait for the 5th player or if I start without that player.


Yeah I noticed that some players don’t have patience, hence, they’ll send you message on chat “go” or “start.”

If it’s a serious Masters game I would always wait to have a full team and make sure I’m happy with the team a have.
Ran many games during op3 starting solo and games always filled up but all were insane or incon. with health off to be safe.

Thats my pet hate when people try to rush you by typing “GO” kickable offence lol

I just start it.

If I’m hosting I’ll start as soon as I’ve set the map and modifiers, people can join in they want but I’m also fine playing solo with the ai :stuck_out_tongue:
Also never join others that are in the lobby because 90% of the time the host is afk and won’t start even if the team is full…

Though I never play on Master, don’t find it fun.

As soon as they leave or get kicked by host, players will think that the host is afk. If you know what I mean lol

A week ago I managed to join the same master lobby three days in a row, and everyday it was a level 11 Del who’d gained no xp and never started the match. Not sure if they keep their Xbox on all day and stay in the lobby to troll people or what it is. I just left a warning in the chat for everyone and left.


Hey i joined that lobby too lol
I enjoyed talking to people on that lobby before they left, of course not everyone said anything but eh.

if blood drive i will just start it.

If i cant defend one enter on early waves , i better quit.

And i dont do pvp maps as solo

Easier to start.

Rare that someone won’t join quickly.

Even on masters?

I always wait for.full team cause a lot of opportunist people it’s just searching matches for leveling


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I’m not sure I remember you, but I’m sure plenty of people were in it during the day lol

Very true. Had a Paduk join a match in progress the other day that dropped Markza and used an enforcer the entire game. Also a re-up 2, but I didn’t bother saying anything.

Yeah I had plenty of those in my game, only care about leveling up their class. Lol

I usually start it off on my own, especially if I have a friend playing, we can knock back 2/3rds of a frenzy session rather quickly before people start joining.

I rarely start solo but a team of two or three is enough for me to start the match.