As a Long time Fan and Player of GOW Please

Please take note TC I will try to make this as posetive as possible to try and come across as constructive critism instead of bashing on you and GOW5 but you have to listen to the hardcore fan base it is us who put in the time its us who puts in most of the cash.

I will start by covering the posetives the story was good ,niles explanation was great on how the story all ties in together jacks abilities are good add a different experience to gears even tough alot of the times they were a little buggy the side missions and exploring where good fun the legendary weapons were fun the graphics are trully very impressive. Great job here overall.

Sadly i think thats all the posetives please take this as feedback so that gears 5 can get better there maybe some things in here you sadly cannot fix like map layout or how tall certain covers are, but most of it you should be able to address. I will make points and develop them

*Lack of Maps
Why launch the game with so little maps why not add gears 4 maps into the game i get you want pppl to play new maps maybe add gow 4 maps with less frequency on all play lists the game feels stale due to this only 1 month in.

*Map layout/ cover
Having many lanes and levels in a map is not a good idea specially since the lancer is too strong and cover is so far from the other on KOTH specially getting shot from above behind below from left and right and over cover is not fun trying to play the objective and beeing punished simply for bad spawns is a terrible ordeal

*Lack of game modes
This was a complaint for gow4 too but also follows onto gow 5 as somehow 2vs2 isnt in this game and how long have we been asking for wing man ?

*Lack of main characters
They are in the story you simply have no excuse to say its due to the models not beeing ready they are ready for the story please they should have been in from day 1.

  • Forced content
    Tour of duty having challenges and things to do is great however not when it forces you to play content you do not want to horde/ escape or forces you to play characters you do not want to .
    TC at the end of gow 4 made a big fuss about guilded characters you could take to gow 5 upon completing challenges i completed them now in gears 5 i want to use the characters i unlocked but cant as im forced to play other characters to complete tour of duty this is a terrible idea challenges should have multiple options for players so you can still earn/unlock while playing with your character

  • Lack of unlocks for play time
    I have many hours invested into the MP
    Im almost prestiege why is it i have no gnasher skins and no snub skins ? Even though gow4 had the lootbox system and many ppl hate it im sure that by at least rank 50 i had enough credits to buy a few boxes and had myself some skins the fact i have 0 at the moment highly unfair

  • high prices
    This one is basic essentially prices are too high for what we get

I appreciate you are updating this as the system at the moment is broken and still inconsistent

  • Aim assist in ranked
    Yes we need a little aim assist in MP due to the fact we are on controllers but in ranked playlist this should be severally reduced at the moment it is way too strong and bullet magnetism is way too agressive needs a big tone down so the skill gap can be increase because at the moment its none existant this makes the game not fun to play as even new players can kill you easily even though they cannot bounce or take cover and just walk the map they are rewarded alot of the times for missing shots this shouldnt happen

*Weapon balance
Lancer GL ,the claw are way too powerful at the moment , the standard lancer for the maps is a little too strong too due to lack of cover this may improve with better maps or by adding a little more recoil damage feels fine but shots should be a little harder to hit its a laser beam right now and with aim assist and bullet magnetism helping even further it makes for some really bad gameplay
Flashes are still too powerfull the stun time should be lowered like the blind time was aswell

I know this has gotten better recently but occasionally still poor also because gers is so dependant on ping its unfair when my team is all 100ms plus ping and the enemy team is below 30 they have a really high advantage to win that game and in ranked within the same reagion that shouldnt be happening maybe you can average a teams ping ? Solve it that way

Please note i would like to finish this thread by saying gow4 had a rocky start unbalanced weapons hammeburst from spawn and many other problems close to the end of gow4 it was in a really good place yes it still needed tweaks and finishing touches but it was so close gow 5 is so far from that However … just like gow4 it can change and you are the ones in control so please listen to your community take time to go over these points not only the ones i made but the ones im sure people will reply to on this thread we really do want this game to succeed but they way it is at the moment is not the right path. Also i knoe issues will not be solved over night and i appreciate that but instead of telling us what DLC and skins are coming can you not address us with a post or a video something to say yes we will adress these issues asap

I would say that this game is not dead yet most ppl are willing to come back to this game and play it and enjoy it after its fixed but that decision is in you hands TC

sorry for typos and mistakes wrote on my mobile phone

Thank you

Unfortunately they don’t “have to listen” they do what they like.


I had to at least try its like burying yourbest friend
GOW was my most played game to see it die like this without at least trying to save it ,now i can say at least i tried …

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