As a console player am i limiting my player pool by allowing crossplay?

If I enable cross play on console, will my player pool be everyone? Or only pc players and other console players that have cross play enabled as well? Thus excluding console players that dont have cross play enabled? I think its time to pool all players together, and I want to enable cross play to show my support. But cant do it if I am excluding every console player that has cross play turned off. Thanks in advance.

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Edit: I am actually not sure what the pairing is like with people who have it turned off. Sorry misread that part of your post.

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It is like matchmaking can pick from both pools for you.

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@WrinklyHornet34 not trying to be, “that guy” …but your sure? Thanks

Well ghost is here to save the day so hornets leaving the nest.

@WrinklyHornet34 okay Hornet. Watch out for people with large spray cans…its probably wasp spray.

@GhostofDelta2 does matchmaking push me towards more pc matches since their are less of them? I might be asking a question you dont know the answer too. I guess what im trying to ask is their any matchmaking negative you can think off or know off? I guess we can just give it a whirl. I just think its time to remove the “turn off crossplay” option. Pc players that play gears deserve a healthy player base also.

I dont know the technical details, would be a good question for the dev stream :slight_smile:

@GhostofDelta2 aight. Thanks

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It just selects from both pools, whatever’s fastest.

I’ve played on Xbox & sometimes I’d get matches with 10 Xbox players.

Sometimes id get a mix with PC players.

So when I was playing with only Xbox players, I knew they had Crossplay off.

When it was mixed, again, it was just pulling them in.

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crossplay on = faster games

Yeah basically crossplay on gives PC players access to play with you, the xbox players still can find games with you regardless if they have crossplay or not. It only affects them since they would only find xbox players if they have crossplay off.

@IVIUrKxIvI4N yea…my question is of console players have ceossplay off, and i have crossplay on, then more than.likely will i not get more pc than console? Like if it finds a pc match that is looking for players and a match with console with crossplay off looking for a match, at the same time, does it defer me to the one with pc players in their lobby because the other one will not play with pc and I will? This is why they just need to turn off the “turn off crossplay” option period. Just all in one pot.

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Yeah if you are searching with crossplay option ON you will be matched with other xbox players too who have crossplay ON, however if one of those xbox players have crossplay OFF and you find a game with a PC player then the other xbox player will not be allowed to join.

To put it simply there is 2 options.

1- There is a MatchMaking pool for console players to search with Crossplay ON. These players will match with other xbox players who have crossplay on and also PC players.

2-There is another MM pool for console player to search with crossplay OFF. They will only pair with xbox players who also have crossplay OFF.

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@IVIUrKxIvI4N exacty what I thought. And id say the large majority have crossplay off. So its me a few console guys and pc mostly.

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Point 1 -

You also can match with players who have Crossplay Off too.

It’s just in that lobby, everyone will have Crossplay off.

But having it On means you can also search with Xbox On and Pc too.