As a console gamer I do not want to play against pc users. Don't force us to

Oh cmon. There’s literally no difference. Been playing against and with PC gamers since release.

If you got killed, it’s because they outplayed you, not because they were on pc or console.

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Whether you are controller or Keyboard and mouse.

But that can be manipulated pretty easily.

@VisioN_Shura30 my new best friend. Someone who gets me.

oh… I’ll find a new team for OP7…

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I don’t mind playing PC players it’s a normal thing in most games now especially BR’s but I play Rogue company a lot and most people that play that are on PC I play on Xbox with friends and we win most of our games.

But what I’m saying is I’m not worried about PC players on Gears tbh the only real strengths they have is sensitivity snipers and boltok.

I’ll take a controller for gears any day over a mouse and keyboard.

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Sh… I don’t mean it. We playing escalation Op7 best friend?

Here ya go, this post explains why keyboard is a disadvantage, watch the video if you want.

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The only real hacker I have ever seen in this game I was playing on pc with crossplay turned off so only pc players in the lobby. The guy was auto headshotting people while blind firing his lancer. He literally could not aim anywhere but at people’s heads. You really don’t know what hacking looks like if you think xbox players are hacking the game.

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this is the way the industry is moving and one way or another if want to keep playing games then cross-play will be the rule not the exception

pulling up the ladder and posting a “No PC’s Allowed” sign isn’t possible anymore

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Yeah playing against competent pc players, who are on mnk, is impossible.

However, I don’t mind pc players who play on sticks

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One thing that confuses me is why does the Xbox console have an option to turn cross play off in its settings but doesn’t work for games anyway?

Xbox or PC doesn’t matter because I am going to get rinsed anyway.

I will say to try it out. If your opinion remains then tell TC and stop playing because TC won’t make a change if their numbers remain high enough. Although we may be a point of numbers don’t matter anymore as the game is winding down.

The game would run a check before starting: if there is a controller it will start, otherwise it won’t.

If it detects a keyboard input afterwards then it closes the game.

It’s meant to keep things mostly fair.

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sweats nervously

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You don’t like my PC friends ?:pleading_face: or me?


nah cmon, if i didnt like yall i wouldnt joim the parties

This is why I like you better than the clown

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I feel honored

“le clic” I’ve been informed that it’s actually ‘Le Cliquer.’