As a console gamer I do not want to play against pc users. Don't force us to

This is the exact reason why I quit playing gears 4. Keep the option to disable crossplay! To much of a disadvantage! You can’t tell me me any change is going to equal out the playing field. It’s not possible.


Played on both. Gears has been the easiest game to play against PC players IMO.


Maybe for you. For old timers like me not so much!

I m afraid of that there will be a lot of hackers.


Kyle playing on pc:

Jajaja ez lancer


From a population stand point it makes perfect sense, more so since we already know when support will end.

Is is fair? FOV will help some, less input lag for new consoles, elite controllers for custom configurations, they all add up but still fall short of an even playing field.

What is the one thing that would make the biggest difference? character rotation speed, plain and simple. Unlock all restrictions set upon controller layout, effectively allowing players to customize their controllers just like on PC. Could I control my character with a turning speed of 300? surely not but it is evident that at a cap of 30 I’m at a disadvantage compared to a mouse.

Cross-play based on input device would be optimal, but we all know it’s too late for that now.


I know where you’re coming from but at the end of the day it’s all for fun.

All games are becoming cross platform now, just how it is.

Gears was outdated when it came to this though.

I can understand both sides honestly, having the first Xbox one console.

My advice is don’t treat it with any seriousness. It’s all for fun.

Give it a try


All they have to do is have the same input lag as each other to make it fair .
As pc has the fastest input lag on the game which is a clear advantage. Plus the can slide onto and pieces of cover from a mile away …


Probably agree with Guilty here. Ideally I do not want auto crossplay, but the ranked matchmaking is so flawed in 5, (maybe one of the worst I have ever played) maybe this will have little effect.


lmao unlucky, we’re all getting clicked. There’s no way enough people complain about this for a revert.

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Can’t say I notice much difference

I’m ■■■■ either way



Time to learn mouse and keyboard.

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What games force cross play? All the battle Royales are cross play now I think but I know cod is optional and also those aren’t competitive shooters. Most FPS or 3ps aren’t cross play because it is a huge advantage on pc. You can argue series X is close to a pc but a lot of top FPS players would laugh at 120 FPS. They use 240 plus.

I couldn’t care less because I don’t play gears pvp but IMO only non competitive shooters have crossplay between consoles and pc.

Also, I don’t think gears is competitive. Ranking system is terrible in reference to matchmaking. And pro gears isn’t even close to a thriving esport scene.


I think we all we have to learn to not take competitive seriously especially if you still play on the original Xbox One.
I don’t own a gaming monitor so I am only getting 60fps which I think is the case with most console gamers.


I try to get into it with Valorent but it’s meh.

Controller <3

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As console players, we need to not only report hackers but also report cheat software so that TC can update their anti cheat

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Well then I guess you’re old and slow.

Still better than @TC_Clown who is young and full of life

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Havent run into 1 this entire game.

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But who lancers…? Not random teammates that’s for sure.