Artificial higher ping

So I noticed that some people have a consistent high ping. I know we all have our own theory about high vs low ping being the advantage (in my case my low ping at 15-25 seems to be a detriment). My question is, are there people out there forcing higher pings (I know this sounds back asswards) to gain an advantage such as sponging? I’m pretty sure you can choose what servers you prioritize but, will the the game try to set a person to the lowest ping possible first?

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Start a bunch of downloads or stream Netflix, bam, high ping. Could just be my terrible connection though, despite them calling it high speed, I’m lucky if I ever see 4mbps down.
Without the wife using any bandwidth I’ll see between 20 to 80 ping, if she uploads photos to fb, I’ll see it over 1200.
Don’t worry I play horde or a different game entirely when she does that

1200 though!? :open_mouth: