Art Deco skin drop rate

I’m just curious, how many of these have you guys gotten from supply drops? I’m about 90 hours in (spread among Versus, Horde, and Escape) and I’ve only gotten two Art Deco skins, and no duplicates to my knowledge.

I don’t care about the skins themselves, more just concerned about the Legendary drop rate for the future. Eventually there may be a Legendary weapon skin set or character skin I do want from supply but 1 per 45 hours of playtime sounds steep.

Just curious if I’ve been unlucky or if this is the standard rate.

Oh and this is with Boost the entire time too, which doubles the Supply acquisition rate.

I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever dropped one of these skins so far for the EMBAR. Otherwise, no luck. And I have been playing for at least 5 days worth of playtime throughout all modes(no accurate count for Versus as it doesn’t count time spent in Coop vs AI which is all “Versus” I have played in Gears 5 so far, or if there’s a way to tell I haven’t found it). Hardly got any Epics either, at that. Well, Epic duplicates, that is.

Scrap to time played in this game is horrible either way. Feels like 90-99% of duplicate drops are common stuff only worth 5 scrap.


Yeeeah that’s what I was worried about lol. It does seem pretty abysmal… The only reason I even care about the Legendary drop rate being so low is because that directly correlates to Scrap. And it’s hard to be optimal in Horde/Escape without Scrap so blah.

I imagine a duplicate Legendary would give 600 Scrap but since they barely drop to begin with, getting duplicates of them is out of the question. Feels bad.

I’ve gotten 4 up until now; Boltok, GL, Talon and Claw. And I’ve already shown you my hours in the other thread. Haven’t noticed if I’ve gotten any dupes of them though.

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That seems like a much more reasonable pace than me and AmicableWall have gotten. Thanks for the data.

Hopefully once more stuff gets added to the pool they’ll consider putting in bad luck protection/a pity counter. After x amount of supply drops with no Legendaries you get a guaranteed one.

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I hope so too, especially considering the more stuff they add, the harder it’ll be to get that one legendary you actually want without having to spend the scrap.

Gnasher and Breaker

~51 hours Versus/Horde/Escape

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I have four I just got a dupe, which seems crazy given how many I have, but it’s 600 scrap, so yay

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That is pretty lucky lol, grats tho. Thanks for confirming it’s 600 scrap on the off chance it does happen.

  1. Art Deco Gnasher
  2. Art Deco Snub
  3. Art Deco Boltok
  4. Art Deco Dropshot
  5. Art Deco Enforcer
  6. Art Deco Lancer GL
  7. Art Deco Overkill
  8. Art Deco Breaker
  9. Art Deco Talon

12+ days play time.

I may have gotten Legendary duplicates a few times. I’m at like 10,800+ Scrap the moment.

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Only got the snub so far I think

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I’ve played a couple hours a day since launch and only gotten 1 art deco drop i think. Was the hammerburst.

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I have 2. Been playing 4-5 hours/day since Sept. 5th.

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Damn lol. So it’s not just me, drop rate seems actually on the low side.

Thanks for the feedback, all. :smiley:

Well based off what you said, I guess that’s the standard rate. I’m not going to save up 2400 scrap for the art deco skins. They’re nice looking but not that nice. So far I’ve got Art Deco for the Boltok and Dropshot

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Yeah for sure. I’m just concerned about if there ever is something really awesome looking in supply. Cross that bridge when we get to it, I suppose.

At the current rate it’ll take like… a year to complete a full set lol.

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Well considering they’re classed as a “legendary” supply item, it stands to reason that the drop rate would be low. I for one don’t think they are legendary tier, but that’s not up to me.

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If I add up my total hours from stats it’s around 55, but I don’t think it keeps track of Arcade time so it’s probably more around 60 hours. I have 5 art deco skins.