Arrange the servers please (lag)

The servers are arranged so that players from Latin America South can play a match without lag with players from North America please upgrade the servers


Yes, so bad without any response from Coalition since regional servers were eliminated, it looks intentional. Throw salt in the wound by posting video of a “great” player killing everyone with his high lag advantage. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed.

It’s been over six months since server changes and only gets worse.


It’s still horrible and obviously no fix in sight. It needs to be though but @TC_Octus claims he doesn’t play many high pings which if true likely means it’s okay for them then it’s okay for all. Fact is Mexico is a plague to the US based players and unless they’re removed from our regional searching it’s never going to improve.

It looks intentional

I can’t understand how anyone on any region doesn’t see these crazy spongers aka High Ping Players / Spikers.


Pretty much in every game …

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