Arms Race spawn timers

(Sarlaac FETT) #1

First of all I’d like to thank TC for bringing this mode back to core. I was upset when it was removed and relegated to social.

However, I do have a qualm to voice about the mode. The spawn protection IS TOO LONG! I understand why it’s there in the 1st place. But, come on. I don’t remember at the moment but, I do know its longer than 6 seconds. Do you know how much ground you can cover in 6 seconds in this game?

One person can get 3 kills with the boom, gnasher or Overkill in less than 6 seconds. Spawn protection timer should be reduced at least by 3 seconds. It’s very frustrating when you land a dropshot, torgue or whatever shot and you hear that ping sound and your opponent is battling you MID MAP! Please look into this TC. I really like this mode and play it frequently. I know I’m not the only one who’s noticed this or would like a fix.

(ll R E D l) #2

Dude his has ALWAYS been a problem with Arms Race. I started the same topic the 1st day it came back. I thought that it coming back they fixed this as it was a very vocal issue when the game first came out. Its a joke. You would think that the person spawning would at least spawn a distance away from everyone else not on top of the fight. As I stated in my thread TC had a chance once again to listen to the fans but dropped the ball again

(Sarlaac FETT) #3

Yeah forgot to mention that when you respawn sometimes you and the enemy team spawn BEHIND each other. That’s not really fair to each side. You spend all the time maneuvering and getting to a spot without being seen just to have the enemy team spawn behind you.