Armoured Kantus (This may sound weird) Close the MAW

Uh, This might sound a bit odd but do you guys ever get tired of the really static poses that some locust characters have with their mouth? For instance being open all the ■■■■■■ time? I mean, I really love the Kantus and Armoured Kantus is big for me so can Coalition change that and close their Mouths so we can get a more natural look… I mean, do not even tell me they can’t do that because in every game for Gears the Kantus had his mouth shut but in Gears 5 they opened his mouth and now it looks kinda strange and silly. Get rid of the stupid ■■■ Rock star EMO look and give us something a little more realistic. Imagine going into a battle with your mouth Open 24/7.

I believe the Kantus have always had their mouths open, however it’s way more noticeable in TCs rendering of them.

When they both scream…as in making the stance mouth wide open…their in medic mode for downed allies…so for instance the normal kantus you would down a drone say…kantus kicks in with heal…somebody headshots it…the armoured kantus is more dangerous…difference being you down it with a frag/boom…it screams …it will get headshot…on hardcore/insane on 3…this is the quickest most effective action to take😁