Armored Ronin Kantus

*clears throat *


Interesting. Nice job.

Yeah I’d be having that

You guys do realize this is actually showing in-game in the Kantus customization right now? It sure is for me…

DB Industries Baird, Female Helmetless COG Gear, (possibly) Onyx Guard Keegan, and this Ronin Kantus in the new Tour of Duty so far…

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We also got fortnite skins. Who at TC approved this?!


No, I didn’t. Thought it was another Photoshop job. This is even better.

I also found a “The Duke” mark…

Hmm… Personally I’m not seeing the appeal. I just much prefer skins to be canon, or at least look as though they could have been.

The Stalker Kantus design in GOW4 looked great and looked as though they could have existed in the GOW universe. The Ronin design? Nah.


then im glad you are not the skins designer

Prefer that skin over the 10$ one.

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Back to the ToD grind!


That’s the audience they are marketing to. Makes sense. Fortnite makes money.

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what a horrible skin my god… .I woulnd’t even want it for free !!!

its like buying a chess set with pink pieces instead of black… … i just wouldn’t want it to never play chess with such pieces .


@Mark36111 just one quesiton…

please tell me you didn’t like the mexican piñata skin … please just tell me no :slight_smile:

I was gonna buy it, but I might reconsider if you think it’s culturally insensitive.

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Looks pretty cool, ngl. I think nowadays I just don’t prefer to play as the Kantus archetype tho.

Forget about that aspect, I’m glad TC are celebrating mexican customs, however its a ugly asfk the skin, plain and simple.

ANY PERSON using such skin screams out loud " I’m not a pro, I’m a fan of Fortnite" and we both know Mark you’re better than that… you are a Gears 5 tm OFFICIAL CELEBRITY.

if you could do me the favor of not buying that specific skin Ill appreciate it my friend :slight_smile:

What if I only bought the Gnasher, Lancer, and Snub, but didn’t buy the talon or boltok?