Armored kantus packs

If you’re interested in scrap you could always go for horde, operations, or elite packs. These packs are always going to be there. Packs like these are limited and bums me out when I see items like helmetless e-day gear in a pack specifically for the armored kantus/elite theron and weapon set.

Yeah, I’ve not actually paid attention enough to know if it’s a 3:2 ratio every time. I agree 4 regular cards is pretty crappy.

But they do say in the pack description “chance at [insert pack specific content here]” in which case it’s not a lie. Unlike, say, the Aaron griffin pack. It says right there that you’re getting Aaron griffin.

Back to the lucky charms analogy, I suppose you could draw a true correlation if on the box it said “chance at lucky charms cereal”.

Nevertheless your opinion is valid

In this game, maybe not. Packs have already changed a lot since the launch of Gears 4. They are much more consumer friendly, which is not saying much to be quite honest. That isn’t to say that the system is good, it is still broken. And we have let TC fully know that it is.

Either way, with increasing awareness of Government authorities to lootboxes and RNG, it may not be a case of a forced change from the consumer, but a forced change in the law. It is likely that regulation will come in the future. Plus, many Dev’s are taking lootboxes out now, if TC were to keep them in, it would bring a lot of negative publicity, and wouldn’t be a good business move.

Now, I don’t think TC will change the way they will handle the packs in this game. It is too late in the lifecycle, for too little reward.


How else can we get these characters? Also what else is there to do with credits others than spending it on packs?

Government authorities have no choice because of the amount of pressure their receiving from angry consumers. Public outcry can be a very powerful tool.
In this game no, but hopefully in Gears 5 they will change this horrible system.


That’s the terrible price to pay I’m afraid. If you are buying the pack then you are supporting the system. You are basically saying, yes it is alright, when it isn’t.

That’s why I’m not buying a pack ever again, even if it has the Cyclops, my favorite Locust character, in it.

And its simple what to do with the credits. Just don’t do anything with them, lol. Its like those people who have 6 figure credit totals.

Sometimes imagining if you are playing as a certain character is enough for me.

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Play the game more, horde is a great way to get more credits you can join a looking for groups post and I bet most people would help. Or doing bounties that gives you a lot of Xp the more xp the more credits you get I already have over 300k save just playing horde alone.

Lol I’m wings 3 I’ve played enough. My reply was to the guy saying don’t spend credits on packs. I don’t care about this Kantus either I just happened to have 20k credits spare so thought I’d open these packs since I don’t need it for anything else anyway.