Armored kantus packs

What challenge do you get from being lucky?
Totally right about them being real special characters I can just imagine all the stories people tell other people about how they got their special charcter


I know it’s a video game but if you guys want to debate, please ditch the children’s logic. How so many fail to understand how averages work is beyond me (and in not speaking of the law of averages in regard to gambling in case anyone thinks they’re going to pull that card). By your thought process, it doesn’t matter how many credit you spend as to whether you earn it or not. FYI, your chances of getting a special character are directly proportional to how much you spend. The difficulty in getting them (which is what you guys are throwing a tantrum about) is what makes them special. The fact that you have to grind if you want all the characters makes them special.

I don’t ‘waste’ any hours grinding as everything I’ve earned was from playing my favorite game with several friends and having fun. I’ve never spent any cash on regular packs, only black steel, and that wasn’t a waste either.

Back to the point, if you don’t understand the fundamental function of the system, save us both some time and find an argument you can hang in.

This is getting tiresome so if you guys reply with more nonsense, don’t expect a reply.

RNG… that being said, i spent 4K and I got my Armored Kantus :slightly_smiling_face:

I just wanted them just to have I wouldn’t have used um I’m a black steel kinda guy but still lol 100 k wtf lol cheers

Valid points= children logic/tantrums
It’s only tiresome because you don’t counterargue the points being made you’re just doubling down on your statements.


Same here lol bought 10 got back to back Theron who needless to say I really didn’t want.

You can’t just mischievously wave a cookie in front of us and expect everyone to be cool.

You have a responsibility now and that is to reveal said secret information.

Only to me if that’s cool.

I spent $30 on the packs and got three Theron guards lol. Thanks coalition. Y’all got me.

They’re clever little money grabbers I tell you.

Could have bought a whole video game for that. Or a snazzy pair of trousers


You’re basically getting 3 cards per pack. But they throw in 2 random crap cards as a bonus to make it feel like you’re getting something extra to boot.

Better luck next time, I buy one, Just one pack without any hope)


Wow, that is some bull$hit right there.

Why does TC allow this kind of crap?

Ahhh, the weekly thread on the featured pack. Never gets old.

Especially when people spend an absurd amount of credits, and then complain when they don’t get anything.

Yes, the system is broken. But you always get the feeling in these sorts of threads that if the OP got both characters in 2 packs and got lucky, this thread wouldn’t exist. And that’s where I have a problem.

Speak with your time and money. If you don’t support the system, don’t buy the packs with credits or with real money. The biggest message you can send to a Dev is when you are not buying what they want you to buy. Then they have to work harder to get you to buy what they want you to buy.

If that makes sense.

But don’t post on here, because you have done what TC want you to do. You have succumbed to RNG, and now you are annoyed. Its like being annoyed at the lottery for not giving you the numbers you want, although slightly different, and slightly broken.

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I got that right after getting a pack with just the theron… so I guess we copped all the luck

Exactly. That’s my point that meow mix isn’t getting. It’s the trash. I’m cool with buying 20’packs if the trash wasn’t in there. If the packs only contained the 16 exclusive weapons and the 2 characters and it took me 20 packs to get what I wanted? That’s just the RNG

What he’s failing to see is that TC is just hooking him by labeling the pack “kantus packs” by his logic they are basically just elite packs just with a barely bump in the kantus RNG averages.

But my simple high school/childish logic is too much for him.

If enough people complain about it they might forced to change their ways on how they handle packs in the future.


So you’d rather it be 3 Kantus only cards per pack?

If it 3 cards per pack and they were only the kantus cards that TC listed - then yes.

Problem is with the regular RNG is factored into the card packs. So we have what 2500 cards now? And your trying to get 16 rare/epic cards and 2 legendary cards that already have a higher RNG threshold to get too

So yes. It should only be those 18-20 cards with its own seperate RNG factor. Goes back to the lucky charms. I’m only looking for shamrocks so if it takes me 15 boxes to get shamrocks atleast I know I’m getting lucky charms. Not Cocoa Puffs. Even tho they come from the same manufacturer.

If I’m not mistaken the trend is such that 3 of the 5 card “slots” are always pack-specific and 2 are from the general pool.

You’re saying you would prefer the packs be 3 slots instead, with all pack-specific cards, and leave out the extra 2 slots of non-specific cards.

But you would still be getting the same thing minus the scrap bonus, wouldn’t you?

I’m not nearly as combative as sir meow mix I’m just trying to get where you’re coming from is all. :+1:

Lmao. I understand

I just want people to get what they pay for. If it is that way - that may be ok too but sadly my experience is it’s not. I’ve had 4 randoms before in a pack and one pack specific. Some people that I play with have gotten all randoms in specific packs.

I don’t see the issue with it being 5 pack specific slots. Even if you get tons of dupes. You still get your scrap bonus.

Hopefully that makes more sense.