Armored kantus packs

Really tc 100k I spent on these packs and not one freaking character wow. It should read from a chance to no chance in hell u gettng these characters

You got unlucky and others got lucky.

That’s RNG.

You’re kidding? I bought ten got back to back Theron elites with a helmetless gear and a medic lol like seriously why give out crap with these packs…just put in what the pack is made for two skins and a weapon skin set

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At least u got one. I spent 100k to get not one of them

I don’t mind cause I have all characters I want apart from the Ruby Scion and the Diamond Scion.

I got 4 theron elites(good scrap) and no armored kantus, cursed RNG.

it took me 12 packs to get both Theron Elite and Armored Kantus, its all about luck and pray that the odds are in your favor.

It’s random, lest you forgot.
I got AK in my 6th pack the first time around but spent like 90k to get Myrrah, and there were characters that never dropped for me.

I still believe TC should make it so that if you don’t get a character after 20 packs, your odds begin to improve. That way, the users don’t get completely shafted.


Good Lord. I just bought 7 packs and got 3 more therons and 2 kantus. Ok RNG you are ok for now.

Wow. Now I feel like I got even luckier than I did before I read this post.

I got the Kantus in my first pack and the Theron in the next. I couldn’t believe it.

I’m usually the “have to spend 100k + to get stuff” kinda guy.


But trash in the packs shouldn’t be there. If it’s the armored Kantus packs and skins with the 2 matching characters - then that’s all that should be in there. Not another bunch of silly ■■■■ just to waste your hard earned time,credits and money.

Spent 88,000 Credits, got 44 Packs.
Got 15 Legendaries.
5 Armoured Kantus.
10 Theron Elites.
Even my friend got the same amount of Legendaries, same amount of Armoured Kantus and Theron Elite from spending 55 Packs, 11 more than me.

I am honestly gonna waste my money and get a mega pack.

It’s not like this stuff isn’t planned out. They want you to spend a certain amount of CR to get a character. If they got rid of the stuff you don’t like, they’d have to adjust something else (pack cost, rarity, etc) to meet their goal. Everyone wants everything easier, cheaper, and they want it now. I get that. But, actually play games for the challenge and I like the fact that it’s not so easy to get special characters. That’s what makes them special.

So you go to the store to buy boxes of lucky charms and you have to buy 15 boxes to get a lucky charms? And that makes you ok with continuing you waste your time and money buying lucky charms? But they are we’re all boxes labeled lucky charms but it took you 15 boxes to get one box?

Terrible logic and analogy. Seriously.
You want the stuff to be cheaper and easier and you think you are entitled to the item, and should have to spend less to get it. There is an averaging factor worked into RNG. You are ignoring this but you can’t because it’s what the system is based on. They want the user to open a certain amount of packs, which in turn equates to a certain amount of play time. If you have a problem with the amount of time they want you to spend earning a character, then that’s a legit complaint. But, the way you’re trying to rationalize your complaint doesn’t add up.

No it’s not terrible logic nor an analogy.

If it says “armors kantus pack”

And TC released the list of the Weapon sets/characters - then that’s all should be in those packs. Not random stuff like bounties,horde skills,none specific characters etc etc

I’m good with buying 20 packs to get the one kantus character I want - as long as I don’t get a bunch of random filler junk. That tells me that TC is just money hungry and doesn’t care about the collector

So I’m good at buying boxes of lucky charms if they are truly boxes of lucky charms. Just to get shamrock marshmallows. Because that’s what I want is the shamrock marshmallow.

You’re using semantics, like this is a high school level debate. TC designed a pack system and you seem to think it’s faulty because it doesn’t meet some expectation you made up. Again, if you don’t like it, fair enough. But, you’re trying to act like certain things violate some fundamental rules. They made the pack, meaning they made the rules. I really don’t care to explain this to you over and over so you can feel free to read this again if you don’t understand.

I’m not spending any more time on your lucky charms logic.

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It took me 8k to get both, i get good packs ever since my “trick” dont ask, its my superstion that seems to work and i dont want it getting patched :wink:

100k spent though is frustrating, trust me i know. I spent even more than that on Skorge packs when he first released and never got him, i was determined to get Sonic at least as he’s currently my second favourite locust.

your hilarious lol.

Yes it’s high school logic. Should be simple to figure out but you seem to be missing it. You get what you pay for. I’m good with the RNG factor. Dude I’m an old diablo player. If anyone knows about RNG - it’s me. It’s the fact they labeled it “armored kantus pack” and it is basically just a repacked elite pack. That’s what pisses me off. I’d be cool with it having the 16 specific weapon skins and 2 characters only and still having to buy 20 packs for the one thing I wanted.

You like buying products you know nothing about is all you’ve told everyone. Just throwing your money away. But alas. It’s why I don’t buy RNG packs because TC doesn’t care because they know people like you will waste hours upon hours grinding for credits or just whip out the credit card and buy those packs til you get what you want.

Hope you don’t use that thought process buying a car or buying a house. Your in for a real load of heartache.