Armored Kantus noise

I’m just wondering if I’m paranoid or if the Amored Kantus when running is very loud like the DB’s were when gears 4 dropped. I love the look of the Kantus but I only play with it if I’m just screwing around out of fear that the enemy will hear me clear across the map.

You should be able to hear every character, but TC doesn’t know how to do audio. They ruined Gow 1’s Audio with UE, and gow 4 was the same way. Get ready for Ninjas of War 5

Yea, you can hear him very easily. Not because he’s loud, but because it’s such a distinct noise. I wanted him sooo bad and even made a thread on the old forum. But, I never use him because I flank a lot and he’s just too bulky and easy to hear.

My kingdom for DLC Nikes…

I actually never noticed that. Deebees is still herable though, i mean you can hear them creeping up behind you.

You’re not paranoid, Armored Kantus is easily distinguishable. I wouldn’t say he’s louder than other characters but you can clearly hear the footsteps among every other sound.

Raam when he was released: now THAT was loud. It took TC a couple of weeks to realize how loud he was so they decided to fix it.

Yea, AK has an odd metal wooshing noise that nothing else in the game makes. Very audible in headphones they have good low frequency reproduction. DB is definitely bad, though not as bad as they used to be. I think the only saving grace for DBs is that the din of war sometimes masks their noise a bit. AK’s noise is a bit deeper and isn’t hidden as easily.

The did an adjustment to footstep audio earlier this year and ever since it’s been harder to distinguish COD from Swarm/Locust footsteps. I used to be able to ID them by sound but now I have to turn and look half the time.

And don’t forget the random, “BRAINS” before they patched it. Lol. What a brilliant idea that was. :smile:

Honestly i dont like AK metal whooshing noise, in Gears:UE the cogs metallic noise was by far better than AK metal whooshing noise.

In Gears:UE audio was crisp and sounded great, I feel for AK at least it sounds of poor quality imo.

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Palace Guard makes a weird ■■■ loud noise when he moves as well.