Armored Farmer Dom soon?

Hey TC, are we ever gonna get this chad in 5? Or do I have to make due with Farmer Dom?


Let me know if you ever consider bringing him back.

grey mineman





You mean Gears 3 V-Day Dom

Dom didn’t live to see V-Day, that skin is called Sad Dom

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CNV Dom?
He’s a boat now.

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No V-Day for Dom. And that name is way too long.

I’m hoping to see all V-day skins before support ends. I’m also still holding onto a small thread of hope that Old Man Marcus, Unarmored Marcus, and the Custom Lancer get added.


Hoping Unarmoured Gabe and Sid get added. They spend enough time in cutscenes without it on.

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Won’t happen. Tc have some weird thing about the main delta gears 3 era squad skins in 5, so don’t count on the next/last content drop to be all of the gears 3 delta squad variants.

Also, TC had the gow3 dom skin as a zombie in 4 but never released the non-zombie variant. They had to pull his regular skin from UE3 and they made a zombie version off it but never gave us his regular gears 3 skin, so after being like that, I feel like they truly have something against certain gow3 looks. Think about it …. Even cole who got rid of his armor/look from gow1/2 and donned the gears 3 armor now acts like in the current timeline, he never owned the gow3 armor… he had the same gow1 armor in gears 5, but the natural progression should dictate that he wears the gow3 upper armor piece as his older self, and he doesn’t (just like Baird), so it’s like TC decided to wipe all gow3 armor from the “main” delta squad and revert it to a gow1 look.

Point is…. TC seem to have something against gow3 armor in gears 5, so I highly doubt they would bring back any of the Marcus,Baird,cole,dom gow3 skins now. They had more than enough time to do it and when we got other variants of those characters, they used gow1 era looks instead of gow3 style armor. It’s like they almost pretend 3 didn’t happen…

Not as long as Armored Outsider Kait.

Hey you got Zombie Dom in 4 what more do you want?
I don’t know if we will get V-Day in drop 2 but that is obviously the last chance.

Lol I forgot about that skin, I do like it though.

If we have Tactics Onyx Guard Casan and Tactics Onyx Guard Vermello… I think Gears 3 Dom or GoW3 Dom is okay.

It’s so weird that he hasn’t been added yet when he (a version of him) was a pre-order character for GoW4.

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Key words right there.

Remember when they gave us V-Day Marcus? The absolute worst V-Day skin between all of old Delta? Yeah me too. Or how dress uniform Hoffman came back before Commando and V-Day Hoffman. Yeah me too :pensive:

I can’t recall the exact release date of skins (Gears 4 is basically a blur for me) but I feel that TC has no rhyme or reason for the order which legacy skins get released or at all in some cases.

Commando Hoffman is in achievement art so he has to be in drop 2 surely. I just hope we get some pleasant surprises with drop 2 in terms of characters and skins.

It makes me wonder how people can view cosmetic content like it has zero meaning when we have people begging to have their favourite character or variant of said character to be added. It does annoy me that TC continue to use FOMO and the fact that Gears 6 will put us back to a measly 12 characters at launch.

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I’m already getting ready to not have Dom at launch and having to wait 8 months to get him :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Some people don’t care for skins and I get it, some prefer dlc like story or modes or maps. I view skins as content too.

I wonder what the excuse will be this time? For 4 it was something like getting the launch characters right and for 5 it was the Hero system.

I have played Gears for a long time and I always run as Anthony and Locust Grenadier for Versus. 4 as well as 5 just said no to that for the longest time and it sucked. I will admit to having a spell of playing as Ben and Clayton, Mainly because Anthony’s quote lines were broken in every Legacy Gears game.

I would only really believe those players if they played as the standard/default character.


I’m sure for 6 it will be a lack of understanding of what characters people want :rofl:

I play like 75% of the COG team, but if I had to play as a couple characters for 5 I’d probably play as Dom, Lizzie, and Fahz.

For locust I mainly play as beast rider, grenadier, sniper, jermad, and skorge.

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