Arm rip execution

Please bring back the Arm rip execution from Gears3 and please make it a good quality animation. The retail version of that execution was really bad, and in the beta it clearly had superior aesthetic which is really odd given that retail releases are generally supposed to be better than betas. And please bring back both of them. There was two different styles of that execution and I think they should both be in Gears5

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Executions are now a customization item. That one was popular. I think there is a good chance that it will return.


Yes to this, the “head pound” is so tedious. Hardly brutal enough considering it’s from the Swarm, muscly aggressive “monsters” from underground.

I’d love to see a leg rip, where they just rip off the leg instead and beat you with your own boot.

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Mortal Kombat might sue for intellectual property. That’s Quan Chi’s execution