Arm Rip Execution From Gears 3 (Updated: it's coming SOON)

I keep seeing this in trailers and gameplay footage including today’s Carmine trailer. When are we gonna get this!?

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Don’t remember if it’s the same from G3 but there is one right now unlock able from the Tour of Duty.

It’s not exactly the same as the arm rip in Gears 3. It kinda looks a bit dumb on some of or all the COG characters too.

It’s not the same one. It’s ok. The arm rip is cool but just throwing the arms to the ground is meh.

The arm rip and beat down from Gears 3 is what I keep spotting in these videos. This and the classic Gears 2 and 3 curb stomp that bots keep doing yet we can’t.

They’re not the same.

Gears 3 was one arm.

Gears 5 is two arms.



Just goes to show the true power of the Xbox one.

Not ONE… but TWO arms.

Series X will have 3 X 5 or 15 arms.


Confirmation in the most recent dev stream it’s coming back! Sweet!

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I prefer the Gears 5 one