Arid Gale Overkill skin Reward?


Me (and another gamertag by the name of Darcule) haven’t received our Arid Gale Overkill weapon skin from ‘The Link’ hive)

Everytime it says Rewards in 1 day, it gets postponed to another week… We both landed in the top 50%.

Is this skin still being given out?


Twitter works much better than here man.

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I know, but I don’t have an account…

i noticed that Escape/Ranked rewards get sent out a bit later than the 10am Tuesday update. check back in a few hours

I’m pretty sure the Past Hive rewards are now given out when the hive cycles out of matchmaking selection. Which would be in about three weeks. I didn’t get any rewards from any hives for a while now either. They just give them out less frequently now as Operation 2 has a bi-weekly Escape hive release schedule rather than weekly.

I sure hope so!

Still hoping to get confirmation by Octus or someone else from TC…

The arid gale overkill has been the only reward for the link for weeks and the other hive rewards aren’t being handed out either

Because they roll out a new map every 2 weeks now and they haven’t updated…

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On this screen the timer which tells you how many days left to rewards is bugged cause this leaderboard shares the settings with versus leaderboard rewards. The Link rewards are still 6 (or 20 I need to check it) days ahead. The right timer is displayed on the Map icon just before this screen.