Are your connections bad this evening

Is anyone else finding they’ve got a bad connection tonight? I’m in the UK, and I have just experienced 2 matches with Gears 1 - 2 levels of lag. It’s been years since I’ve shot a gnasher at someone and then a second later see them explode! At first I put my appalling session down to either being tired and slow, or just unlucky to be against a stacked team (in quickplay KotH) that knew what they were doing and who were just better. But when the teams swapped, suddenly I was hitting everything and we decimated the other team, which was when I noticed the lag.

Generally I’ve found Gears 5 to be really stable. But tonight is the worst I’ve experienced in years…

My friend and I (east coast) live a minute away from each other; same IP. We have bad connections 8pm-10pm eastern time a lot. With everyone home and that being prime time to watch a movie; stream a show; play online for our area… we find it difficult to play MP games during that window.

They have been bad the few days. Even when everyones ping was low. Makes no sense.
My game actually kicked me out and i have single digit ping. 20 mins before that it kicked my friend from the game and his ping was in the 30s.
Im on console and he is on pc

The randomness is getting pretty bad.
I have plenty of footage of serious b.s. that there is no excuse for.
Im starting to think these ping numbers are skewed for some players.
Lets just say 3rd world country players