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Are you sure you’re a fan of Gears?

I don’t hate the current meta, but it certainly does feel off. When playing with my old gears buddy he was a little confused by the sheer amount of hard crossing going on.

It feels far more effective to just cross players down rather than make a direct move with the gnasher. We’ve noticed the issue seems to come down more to the maps rather than the weapons, although I’m sure the lancer is more effective than it needs to be by itself.

Maps like Exhibit allow for creative play thanks to the limited open space for hard crossing. On the other hand, most other maps have long wide-open spaces you must traverse to get up in someones face (vasgar, icebound, training grounds).

Also, unrelated, but I miss the Hammerburst. Like G4 I can’t equip it, but now in G5 I also don’t seem to be able to find it as a pickup ever.

I actually see individual points on the map are designed for either crossing/lancer or for gnasher, rather than maps built around the whole concept of one or the other.

Every map kind of reminds me of a paintball field or like American Gladiators or something. Just a makeshift junkyard full of areas designed to be contested in a certain way.


Extremely arrogant to assume that all Gears veterans want a Gnasher-only meta. Without doubt the Arcade mode is one of the best modes in Gears so far IMO, not quite as fun as Escalation or KOTH in Gears 4 or as intense as execution in GOW2 but still fun.

Just because it’s slower paced and more emphasis on accuracy than autopilot wall cancel Gnasher fights doesn’t make it bad.


There is a lot of people that cant put it into words, they can feel the game is off. You can only get that by putting a considerable amount of time into previous titles in the franchise.

It sounds elitist but anyone who says “the gnasher has had the spotlight for too long” does not belong in gears MP, horde, beast, campaign is their place. How it should and always has panned out for every game is the gnasher is the primary weapon in a match, everything else is secondary.

That simple loop and rush is what made gears gears, the endless complaints about 5 only serve to emphasise this.

All of the dominant and gears defining modes promote gnasher play (getting close) execution, CTL, KOTH.

TC’s failure to understand this will kill the game fast.

The cherry on the cake is the pure greed and lack of respect store page with iron. Utterly disgusting.


By OG Vet 2017 do you mean just started playing gears in 2017 and are really good?
Because 2006 November 7th is as OG and Vet as it can get me personally I started around 2011 but not on release month or day of gears 3

It’s not elitist to say that… There’s some truth to it. The gnasher being in the spotlight too long…? It’s all balance but up close what are you going to use, a Lancer? Or are we not supposed to get up close?

One of the ‘gnasher needs to be out of the spotlight’ folks should critique this clip, for example, and let me know a better way it should have been handled. I felt like it was a logical use of the balance of assets. Gnasher taking centerstage not from being in the spotlight… But because of the proximity.

By og vet I was just messing around because everyone starts their posts with gears vet since 2006. :stuck_out_tongue:

I started in 2017. I’ve only played gears 4

I have seen a few like that XD
I started 2011 first with 3 then I played Judgement when it released played Ultimate then 4 went back and played original and 2 to see what I missed and now I´m here fan girling about seeing something again in 5 but also going huh you know the lancer in this game reminds me of being put down in second by a retro or hammer spam in 3 man does the world go round

You’re new here it would seem so you may not have known this, but most people aren’t happy about the current sate of the MP.

Oh I can see that heavily
The Lancer is obviously firing 950 JdJ Rounds with the damage its doing
(Note I was agreeing/making a joke and I kinda messed up with this little reply to your reply to the person who made this topic)

Spot on mate

lol My comment was directed at the OP mostly. I just wanted to clarify that so you knew I wasn’t calling you a newbie or anything.

Anyways, I don’t have a problem with the Lancer being a bit more Powerful, but it’s currently too much. Couple that with the fact that the Maps are so open for Lancer camping and it makes the game about who can go the longest without pushing.

EDIT: No prob I just didn’t want you to think I was calling you a newbie around here.

Welcome to the forums get ready for half the post to be about Bug complaints or the other half people saying the words OG and comparing games and weapon damage which the lancer is not lacking in and is actually excelling in a bad way.

I realized you directed that at the OP last second and then felt stupid so I decided to make a joke about the Lancers Damage
although one thing I like in this game is the longshot sight in and out of it I mean personally I sorta struggled in past games with it a little (The old sight) and I find it much easier in this installment

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Lol, ok.

This is exactly my point. The orginal gears fans are somewhat OK with what’s happening to gears and its absurd. We need to start bring this to there attention and call it out for what it is. Hopefully they will listen to there legit followers and not make it about them. Cause so fair I see no adjustment to the core gameplay everyone’s been bringing up. Hell not even response. It’s like they dont care about the opiones any more for me, based on what I see in responses and who they have running the bs

Well that sounds pretty discriminatory. Because I don’t agree with your assessment of the game I’m not a “real” fan of Gears?

At OP I have sacked it off, at least for a couple of weeks, not enjoying at all, for many of the reasons you mention.

I played Gears 3 and 4 tonight, so much better, specifically Gears 3.

Edit, not too sure if my credentials, I’m one of the handful that found some enjoyment out of J.

To all these so called “OG” 06ers that just want to play Gnasher only game, request a Gnasher only mode. IIRC Gears 4 had Gnasher only KOTH at some point, and it was fun. The only way to please this elitist / vocal minority is to give them a mindless game where there is no aim, just wallbounce and gibs.

TBH, I think most of the complaints come from vets who get absolutely destroyed in arcade because they are incapable of adapting. They just want to Gnasher and sponge damage from everything else.

lol No not at all. Every weapon has it’s place and the Lancers place is support. However, there is some merit to your argument. There are SOME players that get really good at wall bouncing and just bounce and fire with no aim and hope for a kill. Also, most Vets don’t play Arcade.

I find that the people who love the current Lancer are casuals that will most likely put the game down when the new CoD comes out…