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Are you sure you’re a fan of Gears?

It’s absolutely amazing to me that the majority of the current gears community condones this meta. Let me ask you this, what makes gears of war special? I’ll tell you what didn’t make the game special, spray and pray mechanics. When you think of gears do you think of sitting in your spawn with your lancer out the whole game or getting into intense shotgun fights? Hmmmm I wonder. Probably the shotgun fights and movement mechanics correct? I can see why newer players would condone the spray and pray meta, but for you self acclaimed “fans” out there who think this multiplayer is the best there has ever been. You must have never really played and enjoyed what gears has ALWAYS been about. And I’m here losing karma because the meta is catering to noobs and I’m upset about it. This meta is boring and if you think otherwise then you really must have never liked gears to begin with.


Agreed. Can’t believe the “true” fans would condone this meta. I’m all for using the Lancer, and I have in every game and never had a problem getting kills, but when it’s THIS strong, I just can’t support the claims saying that it’s balanced. The game’s an Arena Shooter, which is why there’s power weapons on the map in the first place. Think Quake, Unreal Tournament, etc. Starting weapons shouldn’t be THAT strong. You’re basically already starting with a power weapon whenever you spawn now.


I honestly have only seen a handful of players actually like the MP in this one. A lot of the “veterans” and “players since 2006” don’t like it much at all. You must be speaking about the noobs that just started playing the game that actually like this MP.


The game’s not bad but not great either. It’s just ok, when it works. Most maps are designed to be total campfests, and the lancer is a tad OP but not to the point where gnasher-only players can’t get a kill. I also think the range of the gnasher can be tweaked a bit, as the range can feel a bit much. Anyways, not the greatest Gears MP out there, but not the best neither.

Now back to seeing the lobby dissolved 50 trillion times in ranked before getting into a match, only to not get any XP at the end of it.

This is one of the most oppressive MP gears yet. I feel bad killing with the lancer because it’s way to easy. The game doesn’t allow for good players to actualise in both power and ghasher weaponry .

The skill gap is compressed to a great degree. I find it hilarious that’s what they think people want.


I have tried to give it a chance and hope for some fast server side updates. I give this game about 2 months before the player base plummets by 80% or more. Who even asked for a game like this?? All we wanted was a modern day gears 1-3 with better movement without retros, sawd off, noob new weapons, no mantle kicking,

Great more people whining because for once the gnasher isn’t insanely op. It has its role and it’s a good weapon, but if you sprint into oncoming fire like an idiot you die like one now. They just beefed up rifles to where they should be to punish the old gnasher playstyle.


Just made a post about this. They are killing the franchise

I fought this battle back on the Gears 2 forums waaay back in the day. My biggest issue with the game is the progression/store, and Horde. personally.

If what they have done to my favorite mode, I can only imagine what has happened with MP. At least in MP you can choose your character without having to worry about what ability you get stuck with. I nerfed the stagger reaction when shot as well. I am enjoying the campaign but I feel let down by the stumbles in other modes.


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Ranked needs aim assist dialed back.

They have so many other game types for casual players. Why screw around with ranked pvp the way they have? Rename “classic quick play” to “casual quick play” or “beginner quickplay” and keep the aim assist if you must.

I personally would like it dialed back in everything including campaign, escape, horde, etc but it’s something I can live with if I must. Having this aggressive aim assist in pvp, however, is deterring me greatly from this game.

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Gears vet, OG-LP. Started playin on and off since 2017 so I know a thing or 2.

Let me tell you what I think bout gears 5:


2017 veteran?


I have no idea what u are talking about because 90% of the chat in these forum iT’s about hate towards this game. The true Gears left or stayed behind with GEARS3. Every1 knows or should know that this is NOT Gears anymore. As for the rest of vets playing after G3 it’s only because they have friends playing these versions and somehow got hopes for the game. Only a few though.

It’s not only about you’re talking about, it’s about the entire game is glitchy, unfinished. I beat the campaign on insane and I didn’t get the achievements. Today I was playing again the act 4 and 2 times the game freezed and closed. I’m using the latest Nvidia drivers for Gears 5. I’m angry and these kind of issues won’t be fixed like Gears of War 4. They’re more focused on MACRO transactions ingame and that sh1#!@t.

That’s right. 2017 ultra vet.

Been playing since GOW1 and I think Gears 5 is great, I’m about 50% lancer/power weapons and 50% gnasher. I’m always rotating for flanks or lancering while bouncing/suppressing cover hopping to close distance or flashing etc to get in with gnasher. My GT is Elevate306. If you’re good you don’t make excuses and blame the game, you adapt and make plays.


This post made me have less IQ.

No issue using lancer but the weapon should not have stopping power and fire .50 cal shots they need to nerf the damage values only by a bit like 5-10% and it would be fine and remove stopping power.

The gun is meant to be used for covering fire not as a primary or as a lazer beam primary. Its not meant to melt its meant to just make the enemy keep their heads down for a bit. Pretty much its meant to be a pee shooter but should do enough to make you think twice.

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I dont know where I saw it or read it, but there was a guy (working for Epic (2011)) Saying that he prefer a multiplayer where you hide behind covers and gun blazing the other team instead of the fast/intense shotgun fight. Wrong! That is what make Gears unique!
They nerfed the Gnasher to change the meta for new player.
This is 2019, they all want new player for their money and they all know true fans will buy everything that they are making!

All the buffs to rifle/range weapons and the nerfs to gnasher gameplay/movement plus the design of the maps brought us to this point.

I’m “stomping” just like everyone else, I’m level 80ish, but I’m already bored of the game. I could only manage to play two games last night.

Every match is the same. I’m forced to sit back and lancer and lancer and lancer.

Every map is designed for this. There is no variety of map play like Gears 3/4 launch.

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