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Are you serious?

I just got updated by a chainsaw. How watered down is your game? LOL

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Updated by a chainsaw?


I think he means the game rolled back and he got hit by a chainsaw that was originally like 30ft away. Knowing The Coalition, it’s probably a legit game feature now.

When you and an enemy kill each other at the same time. Had an inexperienced player walk towards me with a chainsaw. . Shot him with a shotty, killed him and my body just collapsed to the floor

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Ah, Kill Trade.

That’s in gears 4 as well lol its a thing.


I thought he was meaning the fact that the test is plauged by afk teams so you end up 2v4 because someone on their team quit and you still get beat.

I still call it the Gears 2 “updated” lol


Please post feedback in the following thread

Why after 4 games would you change the chainsaw? Can’t get used to that, always reloads instead of saw… not sure how to execute someone now the Y doesn’t seem to work.

Please post that in the feedback thread above. Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s for secondary fire. It would be awkward to hold B and move around RS to aim Grenade Launcher.