Are you satisfied with your K/D?

I’m pretty satisfied with my current K/D of 2.7,
However when I started I was at 2.9 and that kinda makes a little sad to know that I went down a little but I’m still going strong.

However this is all ranked kills and death due to the fact that I hardly play social.

This is the biggest humble brag post I’ve ever seen


My K / D seek to be dropping from 1.1 to 0.98 :stuck_out_tongue:

To me K/D doesnt matter, I rather try to have fun to be honest.
Plus i deranked from Onyx 1 to Gold 3 (probably soon to Gold 2) in KOTH.

You could have just said, “let’s brag about our K/D, I’ll go first.” :smile:


I don’t play for rank but I do take some pride in KD in games like TDM and such. My overall KD is meaningless though as it includes Guardian and KOTH where I’ll regularly sacrifice myself for the team. People who don’t do that because they’re worried about KD are weak players, IMO.

Side note, it’s hard for me to take rank serious when the guy who goes 12-14 in TDM scores above my 11-2.


2.5 in social quickplay (this is what all those bots are good for).

Maybe 1.5-1.75 in Ranked, not too sure but Ranked has always been a team-oriented game mode so K/D doesn’t really matter in terms of how you contribute to teamwork, whether that be straight slayin or playin objectives.

If you being diamond with that k/d gets you a job let me know so I can start getting my skills up and add that to my resume’


Interesting, I agree ranked is usually stacked teams playing against the players who are pitted together and sometimes it sucks:(

I usually play solo on ranked but only social when events and rewards are on.

Lol! “How can I brag about my stats without it coming off like I am? Hmmm…” thanks man that cracked me up lol


Fixed it for you.


Yeah I know humble isn’t the right word. He’s giving himself an excuse to brag for no reason lol


Reminds me of someone who would flex their huuuge biceps and take a selfie then upload it to instagram… :muscle:

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Smh, not even that good, here are some real stats.



Are you playing from Mexico? Hard to believe those stats are American :rofl:


I like that 110% win rate lol. Won more games than you’ve played.


I should have been able to predict the tone of the thread when I saw the bicep avi. :smile:

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Nothing more irritating then I fake humble person, might well as well call these thread “Look at my High KD” lmao

The thread question is nothing but a mask for you to justify showing your stats, There are diamond 5 and 4’s with KD’s of 1.2 …

To answer your question though: Yes
But get your head out your a**.


Yes I am! :yum:


Anyways, As far as the main topic is concerned. . No, No I’m not satisfied with my K/D… lol
Sponges of war 4 is brutal… if I actually gib someone in one shot it surprises the crap out of me. Minimum of 2 shots per kill nearly always… which I why I’m always loosing gnasher battles.
It’s amazing to me that I am even positive.

This is the result…:nauseated_face:

Compared to this from GoW3

I’m main’t a solo player.

Lmao. Thanks for the laugh bro. Almost as good as your glitter griffin post a while back

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