Are you really gonna make this game pay to play

It absolutely ridiculous seeing how things transpire in a match because of processing power and connection. Focus more on equalizing that rather than graphics. Gears Is starting to get ridiculous. Stop pushing so hard and take the time to Mike I accurate



Well, it’s certainly not free to play


So what youre saying is launch xbox 1s should only play with other launch xbox and series x, x1x should play only x1x, xs and xx can play together and pc should only play vs each other? This would make the game so much better and with the player population being so high it will have zero effect on matchmaking =/

the op says alot of things, and most of the time I never understand what they are asking for :pensive:


Im pretty sure you and i know what the op is asking for and what kind of idea that is :rofl:


With the somewhat recent trend of cross gen and mid gen system upgrades I don’t see this problem going away, if you want to remain competitive I’d suggest getting a Series X

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Tha fact that the last generation and the new gen Xbox are still compatible is an amazing feat in itself. It wasn’t that long ago that if you didn’t have the most upto date equipment you had to upgrade to still play with the current generation.


Yeah…lets optimize it for the 360 and windows 98. . Gooh. Get a part time job for a few weeks, save up, and buy you a 21st century machine.


I still play on og xbox one, cant get hold of a series X…:roll_eyes:

Hardly play gears now i have nothing to play for, and even playing for “fun” isnt fun anymore.