Are you joking TC?

The black matte skins from the store look exactly like the default skins, also a rusty gnasher? Are you making the ugliest skins possible to make fun of us?


These types of skins should be in the supply drops Pretty meh skins. I’d rather have colour blast skins at this point :sweat_smile:

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Quit complaining and just purchase them they make you better at the game in every way imaginable.

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Imagine the excitement of downloading that update - opening that shop up like a 3 year old kid unwrapping a present at chrimbo - Matt Black Skins/Rusty Gnasher - it was like hoping for that shiny red remote control car you saw on TV and getting a hand me down Die Cast Austin Allegro 1970 from your brothers toy box.

The only people that are gonna hang round are the hard core MP gamers, its logical if you dont give the public what they want after a while they go elsewhere or give up completely…look at brexit, people couldnt give a ■■■■ what happens now.

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So many complaints about pricing that they are giving us the cheapest stuff.