Are you happy with Gears 5

Now that supposedly everything is done are you happy with the game you received? Short answer for me is if you are connected to the server yes and if not no. Now if offline customization still has a chance of being fixed maybe months down the road then maybe. But without the server certain game modes and even the ■■■■■■■ campaigns won’t even work properly.

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No, but I’m still gonna play it.



As someone who plays once a week, yes.

Rarely have any connectivity issues.


PvE? Certainly, yes. It’s very enjoyable, minus the odd bug here and there.

My beloved Versus? No. Ruined. But it is what it is.


Basically what Kazuya said although I really do like Gears 5s version of Guardian and the OSOK modes.

Campaigns are both really good. Hivebusters moreso than the regular campaign.

Escape is my favorite PvE mode in Gears History, was sad to see them discontinue support for the mode after op4.


50 percent.

When the game works… It’s so fun.

When it… Is acting normally, not fun.


No lol



Even with the tuning I just lack the interest to play 5 again.

No. Campaign wasn’t good, and VS is just way too laggy to play. As for horde and escape I am happy with that apart from the bugs, but I can manage lol.

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Glitches and bugs in the game 2 years after launch. Just threw a game deciding grenade and the grenade never left my hand and exploded?

Enemy footsteps STILL cutting out randomly on some matches.

Stuff like this should not be happening. It’s been reported time and time again.

Exactly. There are sooo many things that i wish they could change but I am so used to it that I enjoy it from time to time.

I like both Campaigns(Hivebusters is probably better in terms of the characters and their interactions, even if not the most story heavy DLC), and the PvE is certainly at a better spot now than it was at most points before(not too much of a fan of the Locust AI doing whatever it wants), but I wouldn’t say entirely happy with it, because of issues such as missing audio(literally had a Swarmak earlier today that seemed to be completely silent on Training Grounds - I need some intel on those ninja techniques, because that is a whole other level), wonky AI behavior and ignorance of game mechanics(notably Therons ignoring any Stim you might have), and a few other more minor things like Cyclops and Lancer Guards having a chainsaw rev of .01 seconds.



It’s all right, but I totally thought they were gonna add more maps, since they’re in the files on PC.
Maybe the game didn’t produce enough revenue, and with contracts expiring, they decided not to finish them.


But im still gonna play it. sarcasm

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Pues si estoy contento con gears 5 pero más si todo es como en gears 3 wallbounce , pero es mejor así

I hear Snubbs go “worst video game ever” at least once per match