Are you happy where the shotgun is Atm

As of right now I can deal with it but I wish the 2 shot range was reduced and 8 bullets it a clip to compensate for it. Am I the only one who wants some kind of change. Drop your opinion just so I can know if I’m in the majority or minority.

The shotgun sucks.
It has a delay to shoot most of the time and it’s just as annoying as when you guys both shoot each other and one gets a body and one gets 97%.
Also sometimes you shoot somebody and in there kill cam it’s never shows ur shot as it registered.

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Taking the kill cam as gospel is your problem. It has been said many times that the kill cam isn’t representative of what the server sees.

Gnasher has worked like a charm for me since release. The odds are- you most likely aren’t humble enough to admit when you get bested.

Needs work… I want 6/6 ammo count on any given reload…

Can deal with everything else.

This too!

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It needs 8 rounds, frustrated with the 97% but if that’s the way the game is telling me I shot a fraction of a second slower than the other guy I’m okay with it.

although if this isn’t reality then I’ll put down all rationality and go mental

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Lot more people then I thought are happy about it

Idk what “bested” is…
But I’m a beast not every game is 100% where there’s no complaining and that’s what I think needs to be fixed.
I got a 2.3 k/d and a 2.2 win loss k/d.
Where you at scrub?

Umm, it means you got beat. As in someone was better than you. New to english?

More downs less gibs, but don’t make it a sniper rifle lol. Everything is a gib. You close in, try to make judgement where you can get one. Misjudge by a centimeter, miss gib respawn. That’s it. That’s the game. Add hammerburst. Make ranged shotgun damage an option by increasing ammo count (don’t make the shotgun down ppl from 20 yards with 2 shots tho) and make shotgun dancing and maneuvering meta. Reduce gib range.

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