Are you guys excited for wed?

Operation 2 in 3 days are you excited or you don’t care?

Excited of course. If someone doesn’t care, they really should delete the game and their forum account.

Fortnite is accepting new patients.

edit: no change made


Yeah man can’t wait.

Time to spend real coin

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Normally yes… but Shovel Knight King of Cards/Showdown comes out Tuesday (been waiting for this since last February!) so I doubt I’ll be playing Gears until the following week.

Will be glad to have some more characters to level up for Horde and Escape though!


I’m excited, but they said it might be delayed due to certification, and I’m unfortunately sure it will be delayed until the following week.

I really, really hope I’m wrong. I’m really looking forward to playing FFA and 2v2 Gnashers.

Having Baird back and having a new ToD to grind is going to be fun.


FFA and Baird, who isn’t excited


What is this “certification” process anyway? I could swear they’ve explained it previously already or some TC member did but I forgot where and I’m not bothered to search for it without knowing where I might find said information. Is it even necessary in game development? If it was a testing phase, it sure would be suited better to be weeks ahead rather than a single week or days before an update.

As far as the Operation goes… I don’t know if I’m really that excited. Two more characters isn’t going to fix the TC created problem with their stupid hero system that doesn’t fit into Gears due to the nature of a character in the game/franchise. Nor is a single new map really going to fix variety problems when the other remake is from Gears 4 and one of the worst maps for Horde from that game. Especially when players keep picking the easiest and most boring map(Exhibit) and maps they already are familiar with(the stupid Gears 4 maps, I can’t stand seeing them any longer after more or less two years of playing them in 4).

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Damn another week delay would hurt

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I just want to try and max lizzie and baird’s cards then unlock the onyx guard skin and unlock more for the cog gear.

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Here’s an article by the developers of the long dark, explaining it:

The basic idea is to check for bugs in the game and then report that to the developer. I feel it’s a waste of time, as they rarely find any bugs and it just delays hotfixes.

You also have to pay for certification iirc.

Excitement level is at 60% atm, and it’ll probably hold my interest for about a week. Afterwards, I think I’ll be done with the game. But no worries gang, I won’t have a “Dear diary…” moment when I leave :yum:. TC just takes too long to sort things out.

That said, can’t wait to see how many escalation matches I’ll need to win in the next ToD. :rofl:

(lawl at whoever tried to flag this)


Being unexcited and caring are not mutually exclusive.

Being honest, I need to see the patch notes, see what improvements will be made, if any, to gameplay, matchmaking, horde, ranked etc.

Skins have never interested me so all that side of the Operation means nothing to me.

And if we still have to deal with the same insipid gameplay, boring and limited horde, abysmal matchmaking etc, more modes and maps count for very little.


I’m also more interested in seeing the patch notes over anything else.

Putting lipstick on a pig isn’t going to change it from being a pig. I’m looking forward to the new content, sure, but fixes are sorely needed over everything else.


Were did they say it might be delayed?

The next multiplayer Operation for Gears 5 is currently planned for December 11, 2019 (pending certification)



The ideal is more content and a great game.

But were it ever a choice, great game for me every time.

Fingers crossed, expectations realistic.


This guy…could careless about those.


Pending is always a thing with these. Its typically never delayed. They just put that in. Everytime there was a dlc you would see that.

O man. They better not delay it. This will not be good if they do


I’m aware, but they’ve never said that an update might be delayed in an announcement previously in gears 5, so I found that concerning.

I’m aware of how the certification process works and I hope my concerns are unfounded. :crossed_fingers: