Are you able to rank in Gridiron?

Is this a bug or something? Im Diamond 3 in 2 vs 2 Gnasner. Diamomd 1 in TDM yet in Gridiron when i win i do like 10 pts… 30 pts… i win 3 in a row don’t even make 100 pts total yet i loose 1 i loose 250 pts minimum. Now i been deranked in the BRONZE 3 like what?? Tell my friend again today “ok will try one more” … we won 14-6 and again … gain 10 pts.

I feel ranking just broken for that mode.

I went from Onyx 2 on Gridiron to a sliver 3. Even after I placed on top of my team and get more points than the MVP on the other team I would still lose points. When I do get points it’s like 40, as opposed to losing I lose like 800+ Seeing the gameplay from my teammates I doubt that they were Onyx or higher. Rank system has always been an issue in my opinion.

Yes it is. Today my teamates been deranking so much more than me when we loss 2 vs 2 games and he was Diamond 1 while i was 3. Even games he did better than me. No idea why.

But Gridiron to me takes the cake :hushed:

Yeah I can’t see to rank up in that mode. They are working on the ranking system anyway so hopefully a fix will come soon

I get MVP every other game. Can’t break bronze.

KOTH is the same. I finsihed for the 1st times top 2 on my team 63 elimantions and got a wopping 62 pts.

I’m diamond in escalation and tdm and can’t get out of bronze 2.

Win 14-0 with MVP and get 5 points

I got MVP 3 games in a row. Got a grand total of 50 points. I lost one. Still had best K/D and most points in game. Lost 800.

The system doesn’t work for Gridiron for whatever reason.

Ranked at launch behaved just like this. I think the true skill algorithm has a flaw with brand new rankings.

With the rank overhaul, tc won’t do anything now anyways

Glad to see you guys are having issues too (i mean that im not only one)

Ranking just don’t work in this game thats all