Are we supposed to care about rank?

So logged In to play some koth to possibly rank up. I played 4 games .The first 3 we win and I get mvp in all 3 . The 4th the match 2 ppl quit early so I quit because it’s usually an automatic loss and I only have limited time to play so I’m not going to sit there for 15 mins and no chance of winning . So I get penalized and can’t enter a new game and my rank goes down .So 3 mvps and 1 quit I get Minus rank?

So I stop playing and come back later … first game …
Win the 1st round , up like 140 to 25 in the second and my teammate Afks and eventually quits and we just get demolished the rest of the way. Automatic loss when someone afks quits .And they expect us to care about rank?

I do t have much time to play the game but stuff like this is just disrespectful to people’s time and essentially a waste.

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Nope, give it up and just enjoy the game for fun. I don’t need a Diamond rank next to my name to prove how good I am. I’ve had it once but like you I keep getting quitters on my team so it’s an automatic loss. I just learned to accept people will quit out due to one reason or another. I try and play with a stack but it’s rare I get that going as when I get on most of my friends are already in stacks and by the time they have room I’m getting offline for the evening.


Rank is meaningless in the game given the problems in multiplayer, also a visible rank means nothing as long as you just enjoy the game.

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Well it seems that a ton of people care about their rank here because you see nothing but complaints about losing X amount of % when they lose and nothing when they win

At this point they should just disable visible rank, that might solve the complaints :stuck_out_tongue:


When I see someone say “My rank isn’t moving so I’m done with this game” I just shake my head. If you’re playing for nothing but the rank then why even bother? Gaming is supposed to be fun and a rank doesn’t define who you are as a player. Just play the match and have fun but it seems people can’t have fun without a meaningless icon next to their name.

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May well just be human instinct as they want the highest rank as they can get. To stop people obsessing over it, they can just remove or hide visible ranking.

I get that but I’ve been Diamond and personally it didn’t make me any happier than I am now. It’s much better not to have to worry about the rank because the odds are stacked against me. I let my play on the battlefield speak for itself and an Onyx 3 with an MVP is far better than that Diamond I destroyed. The fact I’ve seen so many low Onyx players that are better than those Diamond 4 players says it all. They can keep their emblem and shove it, lol. Been there done that. Play for fun.

Strangely for people its definitely life and death. I seen people complain about losing. Hell i did that couple of times before deciding to intentionally derank myself after realising rank doesnt matter especially you dont get emblems again.

I just wish the laggy players would be punished and stop playing for rank. We don’t need anymore low ping players leaving the game just because they can’t rank up while players that sponge everything rank up due to their cheating ways. This is why the ranking system is a joke and should just be scrapped at this point. If one group of players, in this case the high pingers, can rank up higher because they are hard to kill and win due to it, it’s a flawed system. It’s not based on skill but rather who generally has the worst connection. Many of these so called Diamonds wouldn’t even crack Onyx 2 if they weren’t sponges.

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Indeed but i wonder if there are some people that intentionally manipulstes theirnping to be high in order to eat shots or whatever, I mean I know I can do it. As once I got new router my ping was fluctuating from 150 - 1,100 and was teleporting from time to time.

While I fixed this to have a more stable ping around the 25s, it only takes few setting changes to go back to high ping xD

Maybe a handful of players at most but I wouldn’t bet on many doing this. Either way though having a poor connection and gaining an advantage shouldn’t be tolerated. There is absolutely no excuse for having an unstable connection and ruining the experience for others. The Coalition has stated they’re doing everything they can do to maintain the integrity of ranked but I don’t think anyone here, other than high ping cheaters, believe this to be true. If a player is able to win a match and succeed more than they should due to a poor connection it takes away from the integrity of ranked. It’s either a level playing field or there is zero integrity and due to this people should just forget about the ranking system and play the game without worry. I understand people want to work towards something and considering RNG has ruined any progression based rewards all we have is rank. But unfortunately the ranking system is just as much RNG as the content packs we can buy. This may seem like a ridiculous statement but between the Russian Roulette battles against high pings, random disconnections, quitters and other things that cause you to derank the system just can’t be taken seriously.

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I can see both sides of the issue. A lot of players on here put forth their best effort to get MVP, win rounds, and ultimately win matches and it’s satisfying to see that effort get rewarded and acknowledged in the form of a rank.

Like DarkChaos said, it’s human nature to want to be acknowledged. However the line can be crossed over into obsession to the point where it no longer becomes fun. When a video game is no longer fun the purpose is defeated.

I personally just want TC to do away with the rank system all together. Keep the ribbons and the xp it brings. That would be enough for me.


Personally, I appreciate the grind. While frustrating most times, the journey’s pretty epic. You just need the right team. At this point, the rank is just bragging rights

I’d like to see every mode in Gears 5 to be social and let people quit as they please since its clear ranking system just has so many problems.