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Are we really suppose to wait till December for maps?

No, no more Gears 4 maps I’m sick too death of those and most are already remakes. What’s happening is it took TC 3 years to make to make only 7 maps which is not enough and now people want the Gears 4 copy and paste maps that have already been played to death in versus. Giving TC a free pass to shove lazy and old maps into versus without being moaned at, what they need to do is create new maps and make Gears 5 feel like the new game it should be. For a AAA game to release with only 7 maps is pathetic, you would expect at least 10 like all the other main Gears games


Bikini Oscar


Dang, that’s way too long to have to wait for new maps when you only launch with seven. Matches are feeling really stale when you’re playing on the same maps over and over.

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Agreed but I think what people are saying is release the old maps right now as they already exist and dont require work to be created while they create said new maps as well given that they ripped us off.

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Guys, I am telling you the BRAND new maps won’t be here before november.

Focus of TC :

  • september : patch all the bugs + toying with us (listening our feedback)
  • october : still patching for bugs + new sheety cosmetics + escape
  • november : finally 2 new maps + 3 old from G4 in private
  • presentation of next roadmap and so on

He’ll yea

Feels like they just made the game with th monitors off with everything that’s going on.

Before the game came out, I strongly disagreed with this sentiment. But at this point with the already-boring seven maps, I fully support adding the old maps to the rotation. Just need those to keep it fresh every night. They can be removed when there are 12+ new maps.


They made some strong promises for maps in Gears 4, they received a lot of criticism when they had to recycle maps as those promises turned out to be too strong to properly execute them. I rather have them taking time and produce good maps than see the recycling happening again.

Just add gears 4 maps in rotation

YES! EVERY SINGLE MAP YOU JUST NAMED! Needs to come back for sure.

I hope we never see bikini characters, because why, but I’d take a luchador Oscar again! I’m sure it’ll happen someday.

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But what about a bikini RAAM?

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A lot of TC staff must be in vacation, it’s usually the case when a project is completed. And I ain’t gonna complain about people no giving me what i want right now because they take vacations like normal human beings.

I mean, i get that you want more maps, I want them too btw (skins, etc) but the game just came out so you guys might wanna chill out a bit.

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I’d rather TC didn’t hurry tbh, If they have some maps in the bank, why not.

But we saw what hurried maps were like in G4, average at best (G4 all over really). The 7 new maps we have been given thus far, average at best.

Yeah, maybe it actually won’t make a difference when TC add more, average is still average whether it’s tomorrow or next year.

I don’t see how adding maps from 4 makes anything fresh unless power weapons and spawn placements are altered. 7 new maps are plenty for a few months. If you’re bored already, you’d be quickly bored regardless the number of maps released.

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Luchador Oscar is basically bikini Oscar so I am for this