Are we really suppose to wait till December for maps?

That’s a long wait for new maps then after that we have to wait until March and so on. I really wish the maps were every two months instead.


Game needs maps ASAP!


I just want some more dam characters. The ones we have are not enough I need to play as a helmetedcog soldier in horde just like I’ve done since gears 2 I hate all this hero crap. Give me private b no one


I want new maps plus mansion, azura, jacinto, academy. Please please please



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The maps in custom games from Gears 4 need to be put in rotation for multiplayer ASAP.
That would be at least a start


Ya atleast add in the 5 gears 4 maps in rotation.


I really do feel that TC went 1 step forward and 2 steps back on this installment.


Ya they were so busy with escape and horde abilities they held back on launch map count. They better give us atleast 5 maps in December.

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Gimme Bikini Kait and you can have my whole damn wallet, TC. But yeah, gotta wait for maps…


Yeah, the 3 month period between content updates was a big mistake considering how barebones the game was launched in terms of characters and maps.


I get it 2 maps every month was a big promise for gears 4. But now you are going over cautious. By the time 3 months after launch in gears 4 we already had 6 dlc maps in the game and now for gears 5 after 3 months we will only be getting our first.

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At this point, I’d be fine with them adding almost any map in. Maybe not Blood Drive. But for sure they need to add the GOW4 maps into the VS. rotation.


Content, yeah.

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this was my immediate thought once i saw the launch maps, quantity and quality, and then found out that content will be every three months.

the thing is that most people appear not to care, they care more about other stuff that seemingly in our opinion here is not as important

There is absolutely no reason not to add the Gow 4 maps .


Ya they should. 3 months is along time without new maps

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What they need to do is add the 5 gears 4 maps to the matchmaking playlist !!!I don’t mind playing gears 4 maps!!!

Guess if enough people hit them up on Twitter they might release some of 4s maps which would be amazing!

Indeed… That might be enough map variation till December