Are we now closer or further to a possible Gears 2/3 UE?

With the current state of things, is it more or less likely that we will see a Gears 2 Ultimate Edition and/or a Gears 3 Ultimate Edition?

Do you think that they will work tirelessly to correct this mess or look to save themselves by releasing a much asked for remaster of 2 and/or 3?

Gears 1 - 2006
Gears UE - 2015 since Gears 4 was scheduled to release 2016

Gears 2 - 2008
Gears 2 UE - too late? Missed opportunity? I believe they have said that there won’t be a Gears 2 UE or that at least it is not planned at the moment. Seems very unlikely.

Gears 3 - 2011
Gears 3 UE - 2021? Two years from now seems possible.

If you don’t think or want this to happen, do you see them releasing Gears 6 sooner or giving it a longer development period like 343 has done with Halo Infinite?

Also, do y’all think that there will be a comeback for Gears 5? I don’t think the game can be salvaged at this point (they would have to tear it apart completely), which is what led me to think about the future.


Ill tell you something my friend, I would buy Gears 2 or Gears 3 ultimate edition without a doubt.

Just imagine 60 FPS on horde with improved graphics, that would be a freakin blast !!.


G2 or G3 would be an instant purchase for me (though I prefer 3 to 2)

I’m wondering what it would be like if a studio that had a real love for Gears took over the franchise and just focused solely on multiplayer? I was thinking about this the other day. I know there are players out there who love campaign and Horde, but it seems the bread and butter is MP.

Imagine a world where there was a MP version of Gears, available by monthly subscription (haven’t thought of the economics of it, really) where you could just play, updates are released, content is released, maps are released occasionally, and the mechanics are fine tuned over years, rather than coming out with a new iteration of MP every few years. They could release new campaign DLC’s every once in a while like Aspho Fields / Pendulum Wars / etc… sort of like the Destiny setup.

I’d like that a lot.

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Hi Mr Lenghty ,

If they created Gears of War as a service game in which they would charge me monthly to play Horde and at the same time gave me the feeling of playing Gears of war 3, it would be a instant purchase for me .

Having a lot of maps ,weapons and customizations for a monthly fee added on a monthly basis. I would certainly buy it . I will be in = )

Are we sure we really want TC messing with those? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good point, maybe another developer perhaps, but not TC.


Yes - TC and People Can Fly have removed themselves from the potential dev list.

Give it back to Epic or let Bungie take a swing at it - I’m sure they can figure out the Unreal Engine and put something solid together… The Destiny system is outstanding.

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Also Electronic Arts, I dont like Apex Legends. . any other developer but not that one.

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This is all I have ever wanted. It would be a way to voice our opinion more so with our wallets. New update is bad? Let them know like in WoW or Netflix by cancelling your subscription.

Right now we could very well have a Gears of War slower than 3/4, better balanced, and with so much content.

I remember there got a point in Gears 4 where people here in the forums were telling TC to find a way to import a lot if not everything into Gears 5. Nope, all of that went to waste.

This whole new iteration thing is very tricky. Look at Halo for example, it went from 3 to Reach (not to my liking) to 4 then to 5. Now they have a 5 year gap between 5 and Infinite. That stuff hurts the community so much.

Gears went to Gow J (I just puked) then to UE and to Gears 4. Gears 4 got better over time and the tweaks were mostly positive in my opinion. We were set for a good Gears 5 (puked again) and so far it has been nothing but disappointment after disappointment.

Isn’t it beyond clear that something between Gears 3 and 4 is the best for the community? I love UE but I don’t realistically expect them to ever go make something similar to that.

I think that as you said before to fix the game they would have to literally take it apart from the core, saying that, I really hope that Gears of War 6 could come anytime soon, since 5 the way it was develop I find it almost impossible to fix. Its just so many errors and poor design choices.

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I’d avoid EA purely and simply for the reason that they have probably made some of the worst possible monetization systems in games I have ever seen(looking at you Battlefront II which I thankfully never played).

that’s right that why I keep myselft away from any EA games , they usually don’t sell games but MTX shops dressed up as games .

I remember a time where Nintendo was licensing a lot of games which were of poor quality , which led directly to the Games Financial Crisis of 89 if I remember correctly.

Sometimes I wonder if game publishers continue with their greed of money and keep selling games dressed up as MTX shops could led to a second financial crisis of games and people stop buying them completely just as it happened in 89.

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I have no interest in going back to Gears 2. Great campaign, great Horde, great maps but horrible MP.

In 2008 I went back to Gears 1 after 2 weeks and played that until 3 came out because I really, really, really didn’t like GoW2. It’s such a slow game. To me 2 belongs to the Judgment and Gears 5 catagory.

Just remake 3, remove the Retro and Sawed Off and get all maps over from Gears of War 2 and 3 and you’ve got yourself the perfect Gears experience.

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Not sure if you are serious or trolling, but in case you are serious you certainly don’t remember correctly. Nintendo more or less brought console videogames back after the crash, and had quite strict quality demands for licensing. You are probably thinking of Atari earlier in the eighties.


Even a Gears judgment UE with more open campaign and big faults in multiplayer corrected (throw down, locust players, stick frag…)

I would really like to see a G2 UE very soon!

To be fair, they did a good job with Gears UE. It seems they’re better at making other games they didn’t make look and run better than making their own games.

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You do realize gears isn’t an mmo and so trying to run it like one doesn’t work?

Epic and Bungie aren’t the same companies they used to be back during the original Gears and Halo trilogies respectively. Epic is focused on Fortnite and their crappy PC launcher. Bungie is focused solely on Destiny and now that they’re finally separated from Activision they may gain some credibility back.