Are we not getting a new event today?

TC are driving me crazy…I might even eat a hamburger today.

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Well this is a very odd situation. Are all your clothes in the washing machine or something?


My bad. I thought it was Thursday. Thanks, Joey.

I thought that new event / playlist was Gnasher only KOTH FFA?

Or is there another one?

It’s been up for at least a week, maybe even two weeks now. I played it between 1-2 weeks ago.

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I’m pretty sure it is this.

Still no word on the update to card drops? I guess this was what they were teasing in the last What’s up? Guess we will find out tomorrow…

The thing that annoys me is that TC have decided to publish information to us twice per week (usually) on Mondays and Thursdays. But while one tends to contain actual information, the other tends to be a holding pattern - “hey guys happy Thursday! We have more exciting news for you so pelase tune in next Monday!” Just do the old once-per-week publication like back in the GOW4 days and be done with it!

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