Are we going to get patch notes for the latest release TC?

Are we going to get a list of these improvements and bug fixes please?

If that’s all included, it sure is a hell of a big update (almost 2gb).


They said in last nights stream that they wouldnt be releasing Patch notes as it was just small fixes here and there. nothing of real note.

Well that is utter horse crap.

Any fixes in this game is noteworthy, it’s literally breaking at the seams with bugs.
If any bug has been fixed, we deserve to know about it.

TC’s attitude of late has been annoying me to no end. This company is a bigger laughing stock by the day,


sorry, just relaying the info (or lack there of)

Yeah, I wasn’t having a go at you. Sorry if it seemed like it :+1:

I’m annoyed with TC.

“hey guys, we’re going to deploy a 2GB update that contains bla… bla… OH, you wanted to know what we fixed and what is contained in this fairly large update? Too bad, we’re not telling you.”

Or, the other possibility is that nothing was fixed at all, and the whole update just contains new skins that they’ll drip over us for the next few months. That’s more likely

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none taken, i knew what you meant. :+1:

I’d hate to be the person from TC to read all of these threads, if they do at all

TC… “Read”.

Good one! :laughing:

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It seems that the update of yesterday was to update the security of the game against hackers. Since apparently one managed to enter the system and take information about the game. (Case of the NCOG packs, the Halo Spartan gears, the MLG skins, etc.) And I think that is why, when I review YouTube channels about that information filtered some of those have their video already blocked by Microsoft rights.

Yesterday I checked twitter and I found a very curious profile that said the following:
“My information is not false friends n.n”

After the update:
“They reinitiated the GOW 4 security xd, Goodbye leaks for a while ;u”

I don’t believe this info. at all, I’m 50-50 because today in this days everybody wants to be the central of attention and trying to find fame.

We only publish patch notes when there is extensive content to talk about.

As we said yesterday just before the deployment took place “This update contains some small bug fixes and improvements only”. That’s it, nothing else to add.


So it just contains small bug fixes and improvements, yet it is 1.9gb?

Can’t we get any details?

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No, no you can’t.

Sure seems like it.

I think i’m going to stop posting on here soon.
I’m now being followed by trolls who are TC apologists on most things I say.

TC’s attitude continues to get worse and I’m not getting any satisfaction from my constructive criticism. Nothing seems to result in any progress.

I’ll let the apologists take over again.
TC likes that anyway.

Just realize you are definitely not alone when you voice your opinions. If people don’t like what you have to say, f*ck em.

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I hear you dude.

It just gets tiring fighting off the trolls all the time. They think they know everything about you, what you do for work, how old you are, your thoughts on TC/the game.

It get’s old.

I’m the kind of person who takes pride in my views, I don’t make up stuff and don’t go out of my way to incite drama. I try to post information in an educated way based on my background as a game dev.

Most people don’t believe me when I say i’m a dev and think i’m just saying it to win an argument. It’s so childish and ridiculous. I have zero problem admitting I was wrong if I am. I was ready to eat my hat when TC said that they (TC + Nvidia) had fixed the PC crashing bug, but swiftly avoided it, as the fix didn’t actually fix anything.

I find myself wasting more time trying to stop the trolls than I do playing the game sometimes. I can see why Phil fish decided not to make Fez 2, the trolls are exhausting.

It’s partly the reason why I don’t really engage in social media. Seeing the kind of stuff that gets posted even to the Gears of War/Coalition Twitter pages is enough to make me question our future on this earth. So much ridiculous eye rolling nonsense posted there.


That’s why I’m not on Twitter anymore. I’m trying to work on not responding to posts that attack me or make allegations against me and just let it go. It’s hard sometimes, but I’ve found that I’m much happier when I pay no attention to things that make me, or would make me, upset/angry.

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Whatever, doody head :wink:

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Oh yeah, I don’t even attempt to engage in anything on Twitter. They are right, and you are always wrong.


I’m glad we hashed it out. I respect your opinion and I didn’t want to log in and see your posts thinking, “This guy has a problem with me.”